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Sorry if this has been asked...
Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
How (if it's possible) can I take a preset from an older version of sweetfx and use it with Reshade? I keep trying by just copying and pasting the settings, but it doesn't work for me. Thanks:)
Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
I would take the values and copy them to the corresponding effect. Like for instance if this preset has 0.30 vibrance and its rgb values are 0.98, 1.00 , 0.95 I would just copy all those values are replace the default ones. You can probably copy and paste some stuff. Like for instance if you took: #define TechniAmount 0.40 //[0.00 to 1.00] and copy and pasted like: #define TechniAmount 0.80 //[0.00 to 1.00] that should theoretically work, but I haven't personally tried it. Also I want to clarify that ReShade is going to read it like: #define TechniAmount 0.40 Everything after(and including I think.) // is just a comment. So if that part is indentical in Sweetfx 1.5 and ReShade sweetfx 2.0 then you should be good. So if you were to copy and paste a 1.5 preset to a 2.0 preset. You would be leaving out a lot of values and ReShade would throw errors. For Instance SMAA prediction would be completely left out. And I don't think anyone has asked this. Hope this helps you out.
Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
Thank you:D It's time consuming but perhaps I'll upload all the ones I convert:)
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