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Elder Scrolls Online
Posted 9 years, 1 month ago
Hello I am a level 7 player on EOS really struggling to get SweetFX working with my game on windows 7. I have had to re install my game many times as it has failed to launch or emblazoned reshade text all over my game screen. Is there anyone out there that will help me set this up? I am really lost in the weeds. Kind Regards Lost in Tamriel
Posted 9 years ago
He there Just registered myself, definitively not a very experienced user myself, but thought of giving you some heads-up. Reinstalling the game (which can easily take hours) is not needed. If you remove the files you added for ReShade or SweetFX (d3d9.dll, dxgi.dll, any .fx files and the reshade of sweetfx dir) your game should be good to go again. If you get a repair button in the launcher, that probably doesn't have anything to do with this. Had that problem way before I started with ReShade on my game. Even before TU came out. Just restart the launcher till it gives you a play button again. I'm also trying to get ReShade or SweetFX to work on ESO, and no luck on my side ether. I'll let you know tho when and if I get it working. Kabusha
Posted 9 years ago
Edited 9 years ago
Back again. It seems there is a little work around to get it working. Read the little header on the games presets page The Elder Scrolls Online. And it work with ReShade+Framework to, although the depth buffer is somewhat buggy/blocked (a MMO thing), so DOF wont work to well. Maybe I'll spend some time tomorrow on building a little program to take care of the workaround. No promise tho ;) -- Edit OK, Patch Made. First (on app launch) it moves the files to the store directory. Then once the game is started, it puts the stuff back in place after the timeout has elapsed. When you quit the game the files are placed in the store directory again. Nests in Notification Area and Comes with a nice Ping once it's done patching or un-patching (can be turned of) http://tinyurl.com/qgjvdh4 -- End Edit Kabusha
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