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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Entry created by Dr4Wm4N_
Added Sept. 3, 2015
SweetFX game notes:
This game is for now only compatible with ReShade 0.10 + SweetFX (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jzn2jsb0zt55ci3/AACTH2mRPN1wbz4ptopzctBRa/with%20SweetFX/ReShade%200.10.0%20Public%20Beta%20plus%20SweetFX%202.0%20Preview.7z?dl=0). /!\ WARNING /!\ Change the game graphics settings BEFORE installing ReShade, to avoid crashes. Do not use Alt-Tab if playing true fullscreen, but if you still want to use Alt-Tab you must play in borderless fullscreen or in windowed mode.

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Arunajisan MG: Phantom Pain NEW Sept. 3, 2015 arunajisan 23 1268 Other
Beautiful and saturated by uknown author June 7, 2022 deton24 0 228 SweetFX 1.6
BulleT's Performance Preset Dec. 15, 2016 BulleT 7 874 SweetFX 1.5
Chaussettes' TECHNICOLOR June 24, 2022 Chaussettes 3 193 SweetFX 2.0
Directed by Micheal Bay Sept. 5, 2015 wapeddell 9 1202 ReShade
-dk1- Sept. 10, 2015 doktor1 5 1049 SweetFX 2.0
E3 2013 3.0 Sept. 9, 2015 Shagwan 4 4433 ReShade
gameplayPOL Oct. 1, 2015 gameplayPOL 12 839 SweetFX 2.0
lighting tweak Sept. 11, 2015 euge 5 762 SweetFX 1.6
- ⌂ MGS V - SS Sept. 4, 2015 ss-89 3 8346 SweetFX 2.0
More Color/Saturation *Updated 5 Nov* Sept. 22, 2015 furkan_1227 8 1008 SweetFX 2.0
{NEW} MGS5 Ultra ReLLiKstic CiNE FX v2.0 Sept. 8, 2015 Da_Rellik 20 9559 SweetFX 2.0
[RSGW] Project MGSv Depth Reality Feb. 27, 2016 rishabh47 2 821 Other
Sweet Mother Base v2.0 Sept. 3, 2015 Dr4Wm4N_ 5 1264 SweetFX 2.0
The Phantom Pain Nv's Preset Sept. 10, 2015 Nirouv 3 1225 SweetFX 1.6
UltiHD v1.6-v1.7 Sharp / Blur Sept. 25, 2015 ZermanGR 8 989 SweetFX 2.0
xvt Sept. 5, 2015 xvt 5 927 SweetFX 1.6


7 Jun 21:34 CEST

I found a workaround for current versions of Reshade. It is from Ground Zeroes, and it fixes the same problem of crash on startup for anything but ReShade 0.10 + SweetFX.
Probably it will work here:

Disable Overlays, use DXVK [tested on v1.8.1[ + ReShade [tested on v4.9.1] + Keep the Game out of focus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUaoUkiGtis

5 Jan 08:26 CET

For peopla having trouble with main link in the desc
Reshade 0.10 + sweetfx:


22 Jan 03:05 CET

E3 2013 updated to 3.0

6 Oct 23:41 CEST

E3 2013 updated to 2.1

5 Oct 16:29 CEST

The map... Eh... Sweet Mother Base has been updated (v2.0)! ;)

5 Oct 03:37 CEST

E3 2013 updated to 2.0

4 Oct 03:52 CEST

DPX i think, its not for this game, good. I tried balance color to blend all together but is not working with DPX. It makes colors to to have the same reason. So you cant see difference between Luma and chroma. I found the solution by removing the bright tint that MGSV have by default and give some sepia and vibrance as usual. Almost perfect. Try it...

30 Sep 20:03 CEST


Thank you, is working :)

30 Sep 17:08 CEST

Project Reality updated to Ultimate Engine

29 Sep 17:10 CEST

I've just changed the warning advice about possible Alt-Tab crashes on the main page.
To resume:
- True Fullscreen + Alt-Tab = CRASH
- Borderless Fullscreen + Alt-Tab = OK
- Windowed Mode + Alt-Tab = OK

28 Sep 17:30 CEST

@Nirouv: i know that, is written here on the main MGS V page. Usually i don't change, graphic settings in game (with reshade installed ). What is not written is how to switch to desktop without crash. I'm still exiting from the game, before change and apply parameters, in the sweetfx_setting file.

28 Sep 06:00 CEST

@Miyashi If you Alt+Tab in Fullscreen or change video setting while ReShade is in the game directory the game will crash. First change your video settings to either Borderless Fullscreen or Windowed before installing or editing ReShade settings.

27 Sep 23:11 CEST

Update: I followed what you wrote, Nirouv (btw sorry for all the typos ).I've deactivated the downsampling,closed afterburner + riva tuner,closed geforce experience and in the services i've even deactivated the nvidia streamer service ( without this, shadowplay doesn't work ). What is changed is that now, reshade compile everytime. But if i switch to desktop the game still crash.

27 Sep 20:55 CEST

Ps. What is weird, is that i used to test the game under the same circumstances, before my entire steam library was erased. And none of this is never happened.

27 Sep 20:52 CEST

@Nirvou: Nope, i'm running the game in fulscreen, because in mgs nvidia dsr doesn't work with borderless fullscreen.
I during the game i'm running in background Msi afterburner + riva tuner. What i do i click on windows key, to call the start menu and swith to desktop. So i edit the sweetfx file, and when i come back to the game, i have a white screen followed by "the game has stopped working " messege.

27 Sep 04:51 CEST

@Myashi I am also on win 10 and I am not experiencing any of those problems. Are you playing the game in borderless window when you're switching to desktop? Do you have anything else besides ReShade running in the background? (example: evga precision, dxtory, msi afterburner, fraps, nvidia shadowplay or maybe downsampling)

26 Sep 20:39 CEST

*lots of problems

26 Sep 20:38 CEST

So i was making a preset for me ( and most probably to share too ). But i had bad luck, so my preset and my entire library in steam, was erased by a mess i made, accidentaly with revo uninstaller. What's the point, you may ask? Point is.. now i'm remaking the preset but i'm having lot's of problem. I dunno if is the new game update.. but sometime i have to exit and launch the game, for 4-5 times, coz at launch the reshade doensn't compile. The suggested reshade in the past works with not such issues. Made a preset in this conditions is very annoying.. due cause i can't set the parameters in sweetfx_settings, cause if i swith to the desktop the game crashs ( only way is exit from the game, set parameters and restart ).It happens to you too? Any idea to how solve this would help. I'd not use softwares like radeon pro or inspector (btw i have agtx 780 )... coz they're outdated and i don't want make mess in my system (win 10).

26 Sep 15:29 CEST

I got yellow on my preset because of SMAA. Its DPX to fault on that hes right.

26 Sep 07:49 CEST

If you're using a preset with dpx or tonemap on you will notice a yellow warning text after you launch the game. I repacked ReShade 0.10.602 with the dpx and tonemap shaders from ReShade The yellow warning text should be gone.(You might have to launch the game twice if you didn't see Compiling effect succeeded on the upper left corner of your monitor) http://www.mediafire.com/download/bgw0cbehet03prd/ReShade_0.10.0_Public_Beta_plus_SweetFX_2.0_Preview.7z

22 Sep 16:42 CEST

Using this http://reshade.me/sweetfx#download and "{NEW} MGS5 Ultra ReLLiKstic CiNE FX v2.0" preset, game won't start. You know why? if i use 'ReShade 0.10 + SweetFX' it works but with errors..

20 Sep 20:30 CEST

Updated Project Reality to v1.1

19 Sep 03:05 CEST

Thanks for the help though.

19 Sep 03:01 CEST

Ok i found out what it was...it was just a known bug with the downsampling ...... completly restarting my computer and reseting all nividia control panel settings fixed it.

18 Sep 15:48 CEST

What is the model of your Nvidia graphics card? Is it overclocked? And what is your Nvidia graphics driver version number (355.82 WHQL are the recommended one for this game)? Is there an integrated graphics chip on your motherboard that can interfere with your dedicated Nvidia graphics card?
Your problem is obviously not tied to MGS V: TPP or SweetFX, so you must seek the cause of your issues in your hardware or software graphics components.
I hope you can find what causes you trouble...

18 Sep 13:50 CEST

Ok i have now relised that it was just me crashing for some reason. I tried with other sweetfx preset but it did the same thing as it just crashed eventually. I went back in the game with all the extra stuff that i have on (i have it downsampled up to 1183p and quality ambiant occlusion in ncp) and it crashes again. I go back in there sagain without the sweetfx and it seems normal. I thought that maybe it was the downsampling that may have caused this so i change resolution to see if it crashes on higher resolutions such as 1440p. It crashes again so i go in there again and it crashes on startup. So i go into nvidia control panel and disable all the extra stuff that i have on including downsampling. Start up game again, its normal , however the framerate is at 40- 30 fps, set at 1080p when the fps should be more than that. So i verify integraty of game cache......nothing. Still running at low fps. So i try other games to see if they somehow got affected. They did and now for some reason all my games run at a substantially low framerate. I think the game thinks its running at a higher downsampled resolution than it actually is or something.....i dont know. I just really need help on what to do or what could be the problem! thanks

18 Sep 12:04 CEST

Never had this kind of bug, and it happens I leave my game on pause for quite some time...
Have you tried letting your game on pause without SweetFX installed or activated (just rename dxgi.dll to deactivate it completely without deleting it, dxgi---.dll for exemple)?
If you have some mods installed, you could try to uninstall them and then test your game (I for exemple had crashes when using the Extra Extra High Settings mod from nexusmods).

18 Sep 04:17 CEST

Oh and i did not alt tab out of game just had it on pause.

18 Sep 04:16 CEST

Ok ive had it working for a while but last night the game crashed and then message came up. I tried loading the save but it crashed again after three times of trying to resume the game it started normally. I think the cause of this problem was leaving the game on pause for more than 10 mins or more. Today the same thing happened, i left the game on pause for 10- 15 mins and when i resumed it crashed. So my question is is it normal for this to happen (crashing after leaving game on pause for more than 10 min) if so please put warning in sweet fx game notes. Thanks :)

17 Sep 02:56 CEST

Use RADEON PRO and set it in compatibility mode for windows 8 buy right-clicking the desktop exe and selecting properties compatibility.. should work! but download this version of sweetFX v1.5.1 for Radeon pro.. seems to work on all games!

15 Sep 14:57 CEST

Someone has problem with reshade?
I've not since the first install. But yesterday, the game had massive frame drops. I just moved away the the reshade files, launch the game without reshade and exit from the game. Then i moved again the files in the MGS folder. If someone has experiencing the same issues, just give it a shot.

14 Sep 11:05 CEST

Ok it worked. The reason why i tried your method is because it only changed colour tone when through radeonpro however this way it seems to be working much better. Thanks

14 Sep 11:01 CEST

Ok i tried exactly what you said again but the game wont launch.

14 Sep 10:25 CEST

Thanks but i already tried that, got the message and everything but there just was no difference in color or anyting. I got it working a different way using a modified reshade file and using through radeonpro and it works.

13 Sep 12:11 CEST

@RonanC123 Before you download please read the warnings first at the top of the page then download ReShade 0.10 and extract Sweetfx folder, ReShade64.dll and Sweet.fx files from the .7z to where your game is installed rename ReShade64.dll to dxgi.dll. (Default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MGS_TPP) Now download one of the SweetFX presets at the top page and rename it to SweetFX_settings (with a lowercase s in settings) then copy and paste SweetFX_settings to Sweetfx folder when ask to replace click yes and you should be good to go a message should pop up when you launch the game. (Scroll Lock is to toggle ReShade off/on)

13 Sep 08:59 CEST

Btw im a windows 10 user. If that helps :)

13 Sep 08:54 CEST

Nothing works for me. Ive tried using sweetfx through radeon pro....doesent work, tried using reshade ......dont know to use it properly with radeon pro,sweetfx, any ideas?

12 Sep 17:12 CEST



12 Sep 17:07 CEST

Use Radeon Pro with this version of sweetfx
and run the game through that!


9 Sep 22:55 CEST

-Updated again due to wrong monitor settings on my home display! PLEASE try again for the new version. Enjoy Better visuals!


9 Sep 13:21 CEST



9 Sep 02:41 CEST

Solve any glitch problems with SFX by downloading my Preset which you will find the MOST realistic out there.. period! http://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/4331/ lol..

*I RECOMMEND TO USE RADEON PRO for more effective play!

5 Sep 09:05 CEST

Hey Guys

Is there a way to get rid of rings in the sky that are appearing after enabling Sweetfx presets ?
Dithering 1 or 2 doesn't work.
Thx in advance for help.

4 Sep 22:40 CEST

SweetFX for MGS V: GZ & TPP works with RadeonPro, here is the tutorial on how to make it work:


4 Sep 21:58 CEST

Thanks, great job

3 Sep 01:24 CEST

This look like my preset... lol

3 Sep 01:05 CEST

Found at least a compatible injector for this game... :)

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