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Medal of Honor Allied Assault

Entry created by deton24
Added Nov. 7, 2015
SweetFX game notes:
The game uses OpenGL. Install Reshade 3 or 4 as OpenGL. It works with MoHAA/Expansions. No in-game config changes needed. There is a bug when showing OSD from MSI Afterburner, which causes Reshade to disable. Hide OSD to restore Reshade. Older Reshade 1.x/SweetFX 2.0 OpenGL injectors don't work in this game. To use them, you will need OpenGL to DirectX wrapper - GLDirect, additionaly, you must make change in game config. Then, follow these steps: 1. Download https://osdn.net/frs/g_redir.php?m=kent&f=gldirect%2FGLDirect+Releases%2FGLDirect+Initial+Release%2Fgldirect5_opensource.zip 2. Go to bin\release. Extract and rename "gldirect5.dll" to "opengl32.dll". 3. Copy the file to MoHAA folder 4. Paste preset/reshade to MoH dir Alternatively (if it doesn't work): 1. Run the game 2. Enable console in options 3. Press "~" and type: set r_gldriver 3dfxgl.dll 3. Optionally: in MOHAA\main\configs\unnamedsoldier.cfg add in cvars section: seta r_gldriver "3dfxgl" 4. Download https://osdn.net/frs/g_redir.php?m=kent&f=gldirect%2FGLDirect+Releases%2FGLDirect+Initial+Release%2Fgldirect5_opensource.zip 5. Go to bin\release. Extract and rename "gldirect5.dll" to "3dfxgl.dll". 6. Copy the file to MoHAA folder 7. Paste preset to MoH dir 8. Run ReShade Setup.exe and set at least D3D9 Mode 7. Enjoy 4* For some FPS increase you can use: https://yadi.sk/d/CzY54Kd_f4s9mA (can cause 60 FPS limit) It is dll from gldirect-5.0.2 based on DX8. Be aware that it makes the game visuals darker. For using this OGL>DX8 wrapper with Reshade 3/4 you need D3D8to9 (normally GLDirect wrapper is not required for version 3 and 4). For older Reshade versions used with this wrapper, just rename reshade's d3d9.dll to d3d8.dll. In case of crash on startup, return to previous gldirect (DX9). Other notes: All other available OGL>DX wrappers checked, and "gldirect" worked the best among others. The game is OpenGL by default. nGlide (library from compatibility list also checked), and dgVoodoo wasn't working WickedGL neither. Lot of Glide>OGL wrrappers also didn't work.

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Bogo's Preset Aug. 15, 2018 Bogo_366 7 587 ReShade
Enhanced Assault Sept. 24, 2016 Fishke 21 1660 ReShade
Graphics Enhancer /update v1.2/ Nov. 8, 2015 deton24 19 1699 ReShade
PhotorealisticMedalOfHonorAA May 29, 2021 Chavolatra 3 344 ReShade
Still the best WW2 Shooter Game Nov. 3, 2017 Fon-Sohn 18 625 ReShade
V2 Better and Fixed Preset Nov. 11, 2017 Fon-Sohn 12 851 ReShade


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