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War Thunder

Entry created by Ezekiel
Added March 25, 2013


7 May 23:26 CEST

i noticed a fps drop though.Like i used to run at 60 now is down to 40

7 May 22:19 CEST

nevermind i did it thx

7 May 21:38 CEST

i tried the last sweetfx but all the presets are ruined.All the beautifull effects from before are all different now and i dunno how to make them how they used to

7 May 21:33 CEST

i mean should a just paste in the config file everything there was before on sweetfx settings?

7 May 21:31 CEST

CeeJay can u please explain what to do ? i so far used OmniFX oreset without a problem but now colours are terrible since last patch

7 May 14:00 CEST

Beginning with War Thunder 1.70.1945 you can no longer easily change renderers from the launcher but must edit the config.blk file in the War Thunder directory.

And you must also use a reshade version of 0.18.3 or newer as previous versions have a problem with the DX11 renderer.

Therefore I suggest using the latest SweetFX 2.x version - that way you don't have to worry about messing with the config.blk file.

11 Jun 19:04 CEST

The InjectSMAA hook I use for SweetFX has an issue with the DX11 renderer in War Thunder.

However the DirectX9ex and WinXP renderers both work fine with SweetFX. The DX11 and OpenGL renderers do not.

You can switch renderers in the settings of the launcher.

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