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Star Trek Online

Entry created by Skolia
Added April 23, 2016
SweetFX game notes:
About Cryptic Games' MMORPG based on the popular TV and film franchise. The game is free to play with a cash shop to buy specialized ships and services such as additional character slots. Installation You'll need to locate the Star Trek Online folder, it will vary depending if you've installed it via Arc, Steam or some other method. In that folder will be Star Trek Online.exe (this is actually the launcher). The file you need to add a SweetFX profile for (or copy the SweetFX/Reshade DLLs to) is under .\Star Trek Online\Live. The actual game executable is GameClient.exe. It uses DirectX 9. (There is an optional DirectX 9E renderer but it has a lot of bugs.) NOTE: If you alt-tab out of the game when the initial CRYPTIC title screen is up, the game will freeze for some reason. Once the game proper is initialized, you can alt-tab as well as usual (it does wig the game out sometimes.)

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
StarTrekOnline Cinematic Effect 1.0.1 May 18, 2023 CaptainMichaelBrown 3 154 ReShade
Star Trek Online Meet Mass Effect April 23, 2016 Skolia 8 1011 SweetFX 2.0


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