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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Entry created by Omnipotus
Added Jan. 9, 2014
SweetFX game notes:
Nothing special, just extract SweetFX files in the root directory = \Steam\steamapps\common\METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE\


28 Dec 03:42 CET

If you're using Windows 8.1 and an x64 game then you might need to use RadeonPro. Download the boulatour injector, replace the .dlls with the 64-bit .dlls and link the folder in RadeonPro's settings. Enable sweetfx and import your chosen preset into RadeonPro's sweetfx tab. Make sure background processes like RTSS.exe aren't interfering if it continues to crash

27 Feb 01:04 CET

^same problem any help would be appreciated

4 Feb 18:11 CET

help please run! run win 7x64 SweetFX Configurator add sweet fx install profile but the game crashes, what to do? thanks in advance

23 Jan 19:42 CET

i tried, that's work ... i did a mistake last time ... but don't know where ^^

Ty for your help !

22 Jan 03:29 CET

Step one:

Install all of SweetFX's files where your .exe Directory is

Step two:

Install "Boulotaur" two dll's and write over those other dll's you got from SweetFX

Step Three:

Download preset, open it, CTRL+A, then CRLT+C.

Step Four:

Open SweetFX_settings.txt, CTRL+A, then hit "Delete". Then Press CTRL+V and then save.

Game should start after that. To toggle SweetFX on or off can either be the following:

Tilde button (left of the number "1" and above the "TAB" button)
"T" Button
"SCRLK" (Scroll Lock) button

21 Jan 22:33 CET

humm little problem for me ! i hope that i didn't forget any step in the protocol.

I downloaded Boulotaur2024.Injector_CeeJay.DK's.1.5.Shader+ChromaticAberrationShader

Put all files in the main directory of Metal Gear Rising

Copy/paste 2 files presents in the x64_dll's in the main directory of Metal Gear Rising

and nothing ... i didn't see effects ...

i tried to download a preset and put it in the main directory ... nothing, after that in rename the preset in SweetFx_settings.txt ... nothing ...

I have no idea where i have the problem!

FOr each step, i tried to use different key for the activation of the sweetfx (F12, toggle, scroll lock) !

If you have an idea ?? !! ^^
Ty for all your presets ! i used for every game that i had !

And sorry for my English ! i hope that you will understand what i said.

21 Jan 18:56 CET

Haha, finally got it to work. Your mod is using the "Tilde" key. I knew I saw a subtle change but couldn't confirm unless I was able to toggle it. Thank you very much.

16 Jan 18:27 CET

I'm using SWeetFX ver. 1.5.1

I'm having trouble with this:

I'm using OMNI's Vibrant preset.

I have SweetFx installed into the location where the exe file is that. For me it's common>METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE

I'm also using Boulotaur2024.Injector_CeeJay.DK's.1.5.Shader+ChromaticAberrationShader

The game starts but the effects are not present. I tried to toggle it on and off with "Scroll lock" button, nothing happens.

I'm using AMD 8320 at sotck clocks and 7870 2GB

All OSD is disabled, afterburner and overlays. Did I forget something?


12 Jan 14:46 CET

In game BRIGHTNESS is 5 (default)...
What do you set it whit your "VIBRANT SweetFX Preset"?

11 Jan 13:48 CET


CLOSE ATT, Radeon Pro, Rivatuner etc. etc.!

10 Jan 15:16 CET

Thanks, it works with this version.

10 Jan 14:41 CET

Game crashes at startup for me, I have a normal version, not the steam one and when I try to put the SweetFX files into the main directory (C:/Program Files(x86)/Metal Gear Revengeance) the game just won't start.

Am I doing something wrong or the injector only works with the steam version?

I'm using Windos 7(64 bit).

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