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Heroes of the Storm

Entry created by Manfoxx
Added Feb. 22, 2015
SweetFX game notes:
Split files In hots\Versions\Base####: --d3d9.dll -injector.ini In hots\Support: -SweetFX folder -d3d9.fx -shader.fx -SweetFX_preset.txt -SweetFX_settings.txt Launch game mode 32bit from battle.ne luncher

Game presets

Preset Added By Screenshots Downloads Shader
Heroes Vibrance March 30, 2016 Riaya 3 791 ReShade
Hots Automatic update SweetFX May 4, 2016 Cox 2 632 ReShade
More détail for more realist Feb. 22, 2015 Manfoxx 2 1085 SweetFX 1.4
My personal favourite. July 14, 2016 pedrobrandao 0 611 SweetFX 1.5
Shiny and detailed Jan. 28, 2018 Oreloth 4 629 ReShade
Those damn edges April 8, 2015 FallenSnow 6 792 Other
Ultra HD May 5, 2016 Methix 4 857 SweetFX 2.0


25 Apr 00:17 CEST

Thank you, Cox! You are wise and helpful as Doctor Cox =)

12 Apr 21:21 CEST

Unzip to HEROES_OF_STORM_DIRECTORY and execute MAJ HOTS.bat, after a patch game reexecute MAJ HOTS.bat

12 Apr 21:18 CEST

UPDATE http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php?file_id=00378016539806039076&t=0037801653980603907656829

5 Feb 18:03 CET



6 May 14:23 CEST

I create a script to automatically copy files sweetfx when there is a new update of the game.
Create a plan or execute the task every Thursday morning. ((MAJ Hots.bat)

Unzup to Heroes install\Versions


2 Jun 13:28 CEST

I Figured it out! thkx for nothing anyway...

31 May 04:00 CEST

Doesn't work on mine... I've missed something on split files location... can someone explain to me how to make it work? I mean, Should I Deactive some option in-game or put the game in windowed mode? Any Help? Sorry for my english!

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