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Fantasy Filter

Created by Angel
Added Dec. 19, 2019
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Techniques used: HDR, FXAA, Vignette, AdaptiveSharpen, Tonemap The preset aims to remove the ubiquitous "sand" (yellow) filter and sharpen the image to improve clarity overall. Fake HDR and Vignette were a personal touch.
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Techniques=HDR,FXAA,Vignette,AdaptiveSharpen,Tonemap PreprocessorDefinitions= [FakeHDR.fx] HDRPower=1.112000 radius1=0.680000 radius2=0.834000 [FXAA.fx] Subpix=0.250000 EdgeThreshold=0.125000 EdgeThresholdMin=0.000000 [Vignette.fx] Type=0 Ratio=2.409000 Center=0.500000,0.500000 Radius=2.000000 Amount=-1.000000 Slope=2 [AdaptiveSharpen.fx] D_compr_low=0.250000 L_compr_low=0.167000 curve_height=1.000000 curveslope=0.500000 D_overshoot=0.009000 L_overshoot=0.003000 D_compr_high=0.500000 scale_cs=0.056000 L_compr_high=0.334000 scale_lim=0.100000 pm_p=0.700000 [Tonemap.fx] Defog=0.020000 Bleach=0.000000 Gamma=1.100000 Exposure=0.500000 Saturation=0.500000 FogColor=1.000000,0.627451,0.000000


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