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Ultra vs. Tweaked Ultra Settings Comp.

Preset for Doom Eternal
Created by brazzjazz
Added May 23, 2020
Updated 24 May 03:34 CEST
Shader used: Other
Preset description:
This is not a preset, but a comparison between ingame Ultra Nightmare settings and tweaked cvars (console variables) that you can activate in the console. The difference being that you maximize the graphics beyond what the ingame menu offers you, by directly accessing some rendering variables. The developers made a conscious decision to either omit those options or leave them at lower values, either for performance reasons, possible bugs, but more likely the former. To be able to use all cvars, you have to patch your exe to accept all cvars though (see link). · NikkMann's "Restored Graphics Effects" mods and cvars, from which my cvars were taken: https://www.nexusmods.com/doometernal/mods/6 Give him a thumbs-up ("Endorse") or leave a comment (under "Posts") if you like his work. · Doom Eternal Patcher to patch the exe and unlock the cvars and other functionality: https://www.nexusmods.com/doometernal/mods/18 In order to simplify the process of applying these cvars, it is advisable to save each set separately in a textfile, as ultratweaked.cfg and ultra.cfg, for instance. To do that, open the Windows text editor (notepad.exe), paste the cvars, choose "Save as...", choose "All files", and type in the complete filename, including the .cfg. Save the two files in the "base" folder of your Doom Eternal installation. When ingame, open the console (~) and type "exec tweakedultra.cfg" (without the quotes) to apply the tweaked cvars. To return to standard Ultra settings, type "exec ultra.cfg". From there you can also go back to any other video settings in the game's settings. NOTE 1: It is advisable to only play Single Player with a modded Doom, as a modded game might be flagged cheating attempt. NOTE 2: Keep in mind that the tweaked settings may have a heavy impact on performance. NOTE 3: The settings seem to revert to what you set in the ingame menu, so these manually tweaked cvars will have to be loaded each time you start the game anew. You can further facilitate loading the cfg's by binding them to specific keys in "DOOMEternalConfig.cfg" in "C:\Users\<your username>\Saved Games\id Software\DoomEternal\base". Once you open the file, you will see how it works. Just keep in mind not to bind a key already in use.
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NikkMann's Tweaked Ultra ("tweakedultra.cfg") r_cloudsQuality 2 r_lightDistanceFadeMultiplier 10 r_shadowLODProjectionSizeFactor 0.25 r_shadowatlastilesize 3072 r_shadowUseStaticGeometry 0 r_decalFadeCulling 0 r_lodforce 0 r_lightScatteringQuality 2 g_fxDistanceCullingDistance 1000 image_BCCompressionQuality 0 image_screenshotQuality 100 r_blurRadialQuality 3 r_decalFilteringQuality 4 r_flaresQuality 0 r_shadowNumAccurateSunSlices 2 Standard Ultra Settings ("ultra.cfg") r_cloudsQuality 0 r_lightDistanceFadeMultiplier 2.5 r_shadowLODProjectionSizeFactor 0.08 r_shadowatlastilesize 2048 r_shadowUseStaticGeometry 1 r_decalFadeCulling 2 r_lodforce 0 r_lightScatteringQuality 1 g_fxDistanceCullingDistance 160 image_BCCompressionQuality 2 image_screenshotQuality 75 r_blurRadialQuality 3 r_decalFilteringQuality 2 r_flaresQuality 1 r_shadowNumAccurateSunSlices 1


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