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Metro Exodus: Sharper&NoBlurryImage

Created by Kycok_Xleba
Added Oct. 21, 2020
Updated 21 Oct 03:08 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Hi everyone this is a performance friendly ReShade which take only (2-4) Fps on average. I'm not trying to do something crazy, i'm just trying to remove the blurry effects all over the objects, grass etc, with better color fidelity. I think you will enjoy it :D. All feedback in the comments is a must :D Effects Used: FilmicSharpen (Which is a Better Version) FakeHDR PS: You Need ReShade 4.1.1 PS: Download my .rar from Mega and follow the instructions. PS: OPEN THE IMAGE IN FULL SCREEN FOR BETTER VISUAL COMPARISON PS: The games looks 100% better, this site compress images a bit. Look my album on imgur PLEASE DON'T SKIP THIS PART YOU NEED THIS FILE IT'S NOT AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADED DURING RESHADE FULL INSTALLATION AND CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED FROM RESHADE LAUNCHER YOU NEED IT!! (I also included the preset and the instruction on where to put the file) THIS FILE REMOVE THE BLUR FROM OBJECTS AND DEPTH OF FIELD: https://mega.nz/#!66gC0QAT!TGNDFGgH0sKYN1dFKeA9kyv1s5bHtuQ_5L8o__6Wvjo If You need help just comment. PS. on the IMGUR you can see how beautiful the game is with this reshade: ReShade ON https://imgur.com/a/J1nrzkP ReShade Off https://imgur.com/gallery/ct2y5Pg Preset for Metro Exodus Created by LoyalFire Added Feb. 21, 2019 Updated 21 Feb 23:56 CET Shader used: ReShade
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Techniques=HDR,FilmicSharpen TechniqueSorting=LumaSharpen,Tonemap,HDR,Mode1,Mode2,Mode3,FilmicSharpen,Clarity [FakeHDR.fx] HDRPower=1.143000 radius1=0.793000 radius2=0.870000 [FilmicSharpen.fx] Strength=1.000000 Preview=0 Offset=1 Coefficient=0 Clamp=1.000000


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