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Planet Explorers Settings Explained

Preset for Planet Explorers
Created by adamantiumreaver
Added June 27, 2014
Shader used: eFX
Preset description:
This is a small guide I made to explain the ingame graphical settings and how they affect performance in terms of FPS...
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This is a very simplistic guide to understand some settings of the game, and maybe, get a few FPS without quality loss. by AdamantiumReaver (You may share and/or fix any errors I may have done or said in this document; just give me a copy and maybe some credit, I'll appreciate it a lot. Thanks!) This is my Rig HP LAPTOP - Pavilion dv7-7047cl etc.. > GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 650M > CPU: Inter(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz > 8 GB RAM > Resolution: 1600 x 900, 60Hz (720p) List of settings, what they do (more or less) and how much they afect the FPS according to FRAPS (Also recomendatios for FPS boost) I. Launcher: 1) Open Cl Calculation: Basically on what Video Card the game runs at. Set it to your dedicated graphics card (Nvidia, AMD, etc), for obvious performance boost. 2) Graphics: Overall game graphics. Set this to "Good", for now. 3) Renderer: how and on what, the game is rendered. a) Default - It seems to be Direct 3D 9.0c. (Im not sure) b) Open GL - gives graphical errors. c) Direct 3D 9.0c - I preffer to set it to this, for no particular reason. The rest of the graphic descriptions and recommentadions will be based on renderer Direct 3d 9.0c II. In game settings: - On default "Good" mine's running on 18 - 21 FPS. 1) Pixel Light Count - on a technical level, its how many lights are drawn (lights that are ON or Visible) on a given time. - This might affect car lights, placeable lights, etc. However Im not sure since Im standing on the wilderness near to the ship. - FRAPs doesnt register a change in FPS, for the moment. - Use whatever number you might desire from: 0 - 4 (I have it on 3) 2) Anitialiasing - removes the "jagged lines" on the picture. - On this game, all it does is make the game more "blurry". - No FPS loss from ON or OFF - I leave it off . 3) Shadow Distance: from how far shadows are visible. - Values: 0, 50, 100, 200 and 400. - At 0 shadows are eliminated and you get a 2 FPS boost. (not worth turning off). - On 400 there's no frame change, but that's relative to the area in which you are and how many shadows are being casted. - I set it to 100, for now 4) Story Terrain - it seems to add fog deppending on the distance you set it up to. - No FSP loss or gained from having it on MAX (1KM) or on lowest (128M) - I set it to 1KM for clearer view. 4) Grass Density: the amount of grass that is added to the scene. - On max setting: Denser - has a 5 FPS loss. - Setting this to: None eliminates grass completely and has 10 - 12 FPS boost. - I set it to: Very little and I still get more than enough grass. 5) Water Reflection: the amount of light that goes through the water when looking from afar and what things are reflected on it. - 3 Settings: a) Always off (it'll never reflect light or anything and the water looks dark blue all the time) you get 2 - 4 FPS boost. b) On when close: from afar the water looks dark blue but when close, the reflections kick in and the water looks "cristal clear" and gets a light blue tone. c) Always ON: reflections are always on and the water gets the light blue tone even when looking from afar. 2~ FPS loss. I preffer this setting 6) Anisotropic Filtering: barely makes any noticeable difference. - Since Im using Sweet FX with Luma Sharpen, I leave it off. 7) Shadow Protection: Not sure what it does, it "seems" to make sure the shadows are renderered correctly... I leave it on close fit as the is no apparent FPS loss. 8) Shadow Cascades: apparently it "smoothes shadows" on the distance and blurs them so that they look "better". - No real visibe difference from 0 to 4, and 4 gives a 1- 2 FPS loss. - I use 2. 9) Random Map Terrain - I believe this settig afects adventure mode... - In story mode I dont see any real difference. 10) Grass Distance: Self explanatory. I use it on very near 11) Skipping Water Refractions and Water Deph since I dont see noticeable change. Leave them on... 12) Tree level: how lush the trees look from afar. - 1-3 FPS loss on highest setting. - I leave it on Normal III. On the micelaneous section in game: 1) SSAO (Screen Ambient Space Oclusion) - to describe it easily, it gives shadows to grass and other things. - Untick for 5 FPS boost. - I preffer it on for added realism. 2) Deph of Field: blurs the image at a certain distance - 1-2 FPS loss - I preffer on Thats all my friends, hope you enjoy this guide an helps you a bit and your frames until the devs start optimizing.



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