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Arma 3: Realistic - Final

Preset for ArmA III
Created by PC_Constantine
Added Feb. 6, 2015
Updated 24 Nov 14:33 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
--- Arma 3: Realistic UPDATED --- - Version 2.0! Currently this version has no dof+moviebars. I know I did the comparison video with moviebars, I personally use them but didn't include them in the preset. Video here showing some comparisons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4O8TAdAioA This has been updated to look very similar to the original MER version (original Screenshots below) what's been done:
Good ol' color correction look that people liked. Deband shader to fix the horrible sky-banding. Dynamic Film Grain Adaptive Sharpening Gaussian Blur
About why there is no DOF or AO: Unfortunately The Depth-Buffer in Arma 3 swaps rapidly when in first person. This occurs in some other games like Skyrim and it breaks DOF and AO when it swaps. Instead of including Broken DOF and AO. I left them out for a better experience. There are also no movie-bars in the preset Either. A lot of people hate it so I didn't include it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -HOW TO INSTALL:- - Download my ZIP File here: - Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p2l1snzzxfpx9y/Arma%203%20Realistic%20Updated.zip?dl=0 - Follow the Readme for Installation. It's Easy!
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-HOW TO INSTALL:- Download my ZIP File here: Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8p2l1snzzxfpx9y/Arma%203%20Realistic%20Updated.zip?dl=0 Follow the Readme for Installation. It's Easy!


25 Nov 14:44 CET

Just a text fix in the description. Sorry I have no control over that update notification function

25 Nov 04:42 CET

24 nov updated, but download button and text file lead to the old zip file, three month update ago.

17 Oct 09:19 CEST

This is for your deus ex DC mod
Hello i tried to install this but it just won't work i copy and past all the files in the same file where the .exe is located but it wont work. I try to run the game an it's just a black screen. I tried to do the manual way but it is too hard for me install can you please give specific instructions, on how to install it please. I really wanna try your mod

27 Aug 23:09 CEST

Go to SweetFX.CFG in the ReShade folder and turn Border from 0 to 1(it's located at the bottom of the config file)

27 Aug 20:51 CEST

how you make the black line like a movie sorry for my english xd looks very good like movie ^^

31 Jul 19:07 CEST

Video has been uploaded. Quality will improve in time while it is processed by Youtube.

31 Jul 18:19 CEST

Preset has been re-uploaded, updated and moved to Framework now.
New screenshots on Chernarus.

30 Jul 08:07 CEST

Will be moving this to Framework later today for better performance. Same look as the now shown screenshots (old MER version shots) and it will not only perform better but has a few new effects like Guassian Blur, Debanding, Different Dynamic Film Grain, Different Sharpening.

3 Apr 02:43 CEST

Really want to try this out looks great! Only problem is I have done everything you said to do to install it but my game goes through the loading profiles part just fine and then doesn't load after that?

2 Mar 15:17 CET

.Dlls are packaged, hopefully it helps at least one person.

2 Mar 14:46 CET

I'm just going to package 0.14.0 .dll and 0.15.0 .dll together with the 0.13.1 .dll and give people options in case of crashing. ReShade is in beta so crashing is going to be an issue for some people. Luckily not me; but I'll update the .Zip package with some options and a readme in case people are having problems.

2 Mar 14:19 CET

I'm about to update Both my Arma 3 MER presets with 0.15.0 ReShade as soon as I'm done testing it.

2 Mar 14:17 CET

I have absolutely no Errors, Also I cannot help you with errors as I didn't make ReShade. Direct all problems with ReShade to the ReShade fourms so Crosire can fix them.


If there is a problem with the .Zip package though, I can fix that. But I'm pretty sure it's fine since the package was just ripped straight from the files already working in my Arma 3 Directory.

1 Mar 18:52 CET

Gives an error Samplerstate**

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