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Somatic Ecstasy V3

Preset for SOMA
Created by jon30rockaholic
Added Sept. 28, 2015
Updated 1 Oct 02:54 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
The download link for the preset is inside the text file that you download from this page. After downloading the preset package, extract its contents to your SOMA directory. Be sure to look at the comparison images in fullscreen mode to really see the difference it makes. Make sure to turn OFF color separation and FXAA in-game. The preset already includes FXAA. This preset includes the following adjustments:
FXAA LumaSharpen HDR Curves LiftGammaGain Watch Dogs Tonemap Dither GaussianBloom
Download preset Show / Hide settings
Download the following Reshade package that includes my preset: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x8os9evwyp8qz9s/SomaticEcstasyV3.zip Extract its contents to your SOMA directory.


29 Jan 10:53 CET

I guess no one likes to just upload their damn settings for this game. Nice text file with a link in it. Looks like I'll just make my own setting.

1 Oct 22:17 CEST


So I've noticed that the dark areas of the game are a little too dark. I'm working on a fix, but it will probably be uploaded as a different preset. The hard part is trying to brighten the dark areas without creating a lot of banding. This game has terrible banding problems.

1 Oct 06:04 CEST

ok, got it, thanks :)

1 Oct 04:00 CEST

I've tested on two different monitors, and it is not too dark for me. It's possible that Reshade has some sort of gamma bug for some users. Also, check to make sure your monitor is calibrated and that you didn't screw up gamma settings somewhere at the driver level or OS level. Also, make sure your drivers are up-to-date.

The game is a dark game. It's supposed to be dark; Otherwise, it wouldn't be scary. You can increase the gamma in the game if it is too dark for you, or you can enable Tonemap in SweetFX.cfg and lower the value that says "#define Gamma 1.000" and change it to something like 0.850.

1 Oct 03:09 CEST

colour in this version looks great, but still too dark

30 Sep 10:07 CEST

The screenshots are from V3.

30 Sep 09:50 CEST

Just updated the preset to V3. This one looks amazing. It looks much different than V1 and V2. Download link is in the text file that you can download using the "Download preset" button above.

28 Sep 23:54 CEST

It's possible that you are experiencing a bug with Reshade. I noticed a bug with Reshade and SOMA as well, but it is not the same bug that you describe. I noticed that you also posted in all other presets for this game that you are having gamma issues. So it is most likely that Reshade is causing bugs with your particular system. In order to get help, you should post in the Reshade forums. If you want a workaround, you can edit the SweetFX.cfg file in the Reshade folder. Simply lower the value in the Tonemap section that says "#define Gamma 1.025". Change it to like 0.800. Lower values make the image brighter.

28 Sep 22:27 CEST

thank you very much :D

28 Sep 21:28 CEST

Excellent preset but I have one issue, my game is super dark with this preset, even when I set the gamma to 100%, any ideas?

28 Sep 09:35 CEST

Download the new preset and see if it is brighter. The new version has changed drastically from the last version.

28 Sep 07:21 CEST

looks good, but could you please make it a little brighter?

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