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Fallout 4 ReShade

Preset for Fallout 4
Created by Eddie_Van_Halen
Added Nov. 11, 2015
Updated 23 Nov 02:47 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
FILE UPDATED!!! excessive bloom in certain areas removed, and including more options!!! (the new download include old version) Ambient Light, Advanced Motion Blur, Tonemap, Vibrance, Curves, Ambient Occlusion (you can choose SSAO, HBAO or Turn Off for best performance) Install: Download "Fallout 4 ReSahde" Here: http://www.moddb.com/games/fallout-4/addons/fallout-4-reshade or PERFORMANCE VERSION HERE: http://www.moddb.com/games/fallout-4/addons/fallout-4-reshade-performance AMBIENT OCCLUSION CAN CAUSE ARTIFACTS (and low fps). I RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING "PERFORMANCE VERSION" (simple installation: EXTRACT THE CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE TO THE PATH FOLDER, WHERE FALLOUT4.EXE IS LOCATED) (install for "normal version") 1.Extract the content where you want (for example, to Desktop). 2.Open the folder that you extracted, and double clik to "Mediator.exe". 3.In the bottom left, click "Add" and select "Fallout4.exe" in the main installation folder and confirm (make sure it's selected "Direct3D 10/11). 4.On the right, open the dropdown menu arrow (to the left of the "Delete" button) and choose: 1a) "Custom" for my personal tonemap and ambientlight only. (OLD VERSION) 1b) "Custom + SSAO" for my personal tonemap, ambientlight and ambient occlusion SSAO (best performance) (OLD VERSION) 1c) "Custom + HBAO" for my personal tonemap, ambientlight and ambient occlusion HBAO (best Quality, low performance) (OLD VERSION) 2a) "Custom v2" Bloom removed, lens effect ON 2b) "Custom+SSAOv2" Bloom removed, lens effect ON 2c) "Custom+HBAOv2" Bloom removed, lens effect ON 3a) "Custom v3" All lens effect removed, ambient light still on (more realistic light) 3b) "Custom+SSAOv3" All lens effect removed, ambient light still on (more realistic light) 3c) "Custom+HBAOv3" All lens effect removed, ambient light still on (more realistic light) Play the game. If you don't like motion blur, open Mediator.exe, select "Pipeline" tab, uncheck "ADV_MOTION_BLUR-GemFX", Apply. (FPS Boost) If you don't like lens dirt effect, open Mediator.exe, select "Pipeline" tab, uncheck "AMBIENT_LIGHT-GemFX", Apply. (Less Realistic Light, FPS Boost) The last six screenshots are comparision between HBAO, SSAO, Custom Only. You can see the difference better, if open it in six different tab. Comments are welcome in order to improve my presets...
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no text


12 Jun 14:09 CEST

Man do you think this is normal?


19 Nov 08:16 CET

I've just checked. I'm sorry, It seems to be okay. Try again following the instructions correctly.

19 Nov 07:17 CET

There is no data in your download. Looks like an awesome preset. exactly what i was looking for.

15 Nov 16:34 CET

Thanks for the tips. To remove ADV_MOTION_BLUR, see the description. It's all there.

15 Nov 09:38 CET

Thanks! Nice profile with realistic colors. Also I suggesting to add DEBAND, to minimize clear sky banding. And maybe and option to turn off ADV_MOTION_BLUR?
Keep up the good work!

13 Nov 19:40 CET

Oh, link in description ...

13 Nov 19:39 CET

Awesome link "no text" ...

13 Nov 15:09 CET


13 Nov 00:23 CET

Yes, I'm already working for less bloom and dirt effect. If you want to completely eliminate the effect, do this:

1.open Mediator.exe.
2.select "Pipeline" tab
3.uncheck "AMBIENT_LIGHT-GemFX".

you'll also have a performance boost

12 Nov 19:44 CET

Great Preset!!
Any way to remove the dirt/spots on the screen??

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