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CSGO Defined 2 by Bopper

Created by bopper2010
Added Dec. 9, 2015
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This is an updated Preset for CSGO, I wanted to try and bring more saturation and boost the overall colours in the game. I also added some sharpening to make the textures a little crisper overall. This has 3-5 fps hit as far as I can tell. DONWLOAD THE RAR HERE - http://www.mediafire.com/download/dsv4w5fkvsw6r2r/CSGO_Defined_2_Preset_by_Bopper.rar ______________________________________ Effects Used: CURVES VIBRANCE DEBAND LUMASHARPEN ______________________________________ INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: To install this preset just download the RAR file and extract the contents to a folder. Navigate to you're main Reshade Framework download and then into the Reshade folder and then into Personal Files and then place the extracted folder inside the Presets folder. Once you have created an Application Profile for CSGO inside Mediator, you can then select this Preset from the Drop down list inside Mediator Tool and you should be good to go. ______________________________________ Created with Reshade Framework Version 1.1 (Current Release) Uses D3D9.dll (32Bit) Place all Reshade files inside the CSGO Bin folder in order to hook the game correctly. ______________________________________ TUTORIALS FOR RESHADE/MEDIATOR Basic Setup Guide -https://youtu.be/QRhCd6gavSo More Advanced Guide - https://youtu.be/P-moOQe_QQo
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30 Dec 05:42 CET

Nevermind forget what I asked, I forgot to move the ReShade folder into bin aswell

27 Dec 19:21 CET

I followed the tutorial exactly but it says loading effect... no effect found.
Can you please make a tutorial specifically for this one? Please, it would mean a lot.

11 Dec 21:53 CET

Thanks for the feedback, I agree with the colours being a little oversaturated but I kinda wanted that look for this one. I guess people can tweak it to their own liking if its a little too much :)

11 Dec 18:47 CET

Constructive Criticism - Overall, j0rb well done, sharpness is noice, as is the contrast, however, I feel a lil decrease in colors (10-15%) would be better overall, that's just my opinion tho, keep it up :)

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