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Deeper Preset v3

Created by Ferdimage
Added Jan. 11, 2016
Updated 16 Jan 14:55 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Credits to drogean2 https://www.reddit.com/r/DragonsDogma/comments/40azdj/e3fx_reshade_graphics_mod/ Ive used his as a base and tweaked some settings to my liking, like CA, Liftgain & AO Ingame, AA = Off & HDR = Low Just extract everything into your DD folder Tip: If you have a Nvidia card use Nv Inspector and add 0x00000013 to AO for HBAO+ and disable AO in the McFX.cfg (This removes the incorrect AO and gives back 10+ fps)
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21 Jan 20:19 CET

An amazing preset - playing with it right now and I love the improved atmosphere.

Only downside is that some edges and shades seem to mess with maps, menu and stuff cause I see their outlines but oh well... there's worse stuff than this :)

13 Jan 15:17 CET

Indeed it is the best.I'm using it atm and game looks fantastic

13 Jan 03:27 CET

I haven't tested this in-game yet as I'm waiting for the game's release, but judging from the screenshots this looks to be the best settings I see on here. Gets rid of the ugly brown filter and makes the game look nice and clear without messing with the colours. Good job Ferdimage! Looking forward to using this on Friday when the game is released.

12 Jan 23:02 CET

Vanilla is pitch black also thats how its meant to be.

12 Jan 01:57 CET

Can't see anything with this preset at night.
Very bad.

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