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Enhanced NSUNS4 Preset v2.0

Created by NeTw0rK
Added Feb. 14, 2016
Updated 12 Mar 14:47 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
ReShade Framework does not work correctly in this game. For this reason, you must download the entire preset. I didn't want to overdose the game with effects, to preserve the colors of the game. Possibly, I will improve this setting in the future. So, effects that included in this preset: • SMAA; Somehow smooths the image. Of course, not as much as x4 MSAA, but still better than FXAA. Switch off FXAA in game settings. • BloomLensdirtLumasharpen - Makes image in the game sharper. I decided to add this effect because SMAA slightly blurred image • HBAO; It is used in modern games. Disabled by default. Can be enable in the downloadable archive. Changelog: Update from Feb. 19, 2016: • Added and configured Tonemap • Changed SSAO • Changed Bloom Update from Feb. 26, 2016: Changes in Bloom - more careful and beautiful Changes is SSAO - Changed to HBAO type Added and configured Lensdirt- Contains own texture My opinion about Update: by adjusting Bloom and Lensdirt I managed to reach the bright explosions, which looks great. This also applies to some bright effects in the game. *NEW VERSION RELEASED* Update from Mar. 12, 2016: • New ReShade 2.0.1f • Big changes in HBAO • Added and configured Lumasharpen • Changes in Bloom • Changes in Lensdirt • Removed Tonemap Installation: The files in the folder "1. Main Files" move in the game directory. Also, you can enable HBAO lighting by moving the folder "ReShade" from "2. HBAO - Optional" folder in the game directory. IF YOUR GAME CRASHES AFTER INSTALLING THIS PRESET: Rename "dxgi.dll" to "d3d11.dll" Thank you for download this preset!
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