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Squad Defined

Preset for Squad
Created by bopper2010
Added Feb. 19, 2016
Updated 19 Feb 17:11 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This is my custom preset for "Squad" the game, its currently a WIP and I will probably make some small tweaks here and there and update it accordingly. This preset is built using a custom LUT (Lookup Table) created inside Photoshop CC 2015, this controls all the colour modifications for this preset and I spent a good while tweaking it to suit the desert palette and mountainous terrain featured in the maps of Squad. I tried to reduce some of the glare and bloom caused by the sunlight in the game and I think it is a subtle but beneficial change overall. Tested @ 1080p with No In Game AA enabled, most other settings on Max except AO which was disabled for testing. Resolution Scaling is set to 100%. GPU used GTX970 G1 Gaming, not the best optimization currently for SLI so I disabled it for testing, Im sure future optimizations will improve things. CPU is 4790k @4.8Ghz and 16GB RAM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (PRESET EFFECTS USED) **TUNINGPALETTE** This effect applies my custom made LUT to the game and handles all the colour and lighting modifications without the need for additional shaders or effects. This must be enabled and the Custom LUT texture copied over in order to give the correct effect. **LUMASHARPEN** This is the crucial effect in making the game crisp and slightly adding more detail overall to textures and objects. It nicely enhances the game and helps bring out textures just that bit more and has such a negligible performance impact its a must have effect. **SMAA** This is used to reduce the jagged edges in the game and provide a low cost Anti Aliasing option for those who choose to use no in game AA options or who want to supplement existing AA in game. I have tweaked this to catch edges as best I could, it might miss smaller edges but it does a good job of most larger edges in the game. This is the only performance impacting effect in this Preset, it is tweaked for best performance possible but still offers crisp visuals at 1080p and nicely rounds of the preset effect overall. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***WARNING*** Squad will only work with Reshade when you run the game in Borderless mode, both Fullscreen and Windowed mode will crash to desktop once the effects are loaded. There is currently no fix for this as far as I was able to find, and I spent a while trying various things with no success at all. I assume its some issue with UE4 engine and Reshade or maybe Anti Cheat not entirely sure, I will leave that up to the clever guys who know what they are doing. I recommend launching the game and setting it to Borderless mode before attempting to hook the game with Reshade and apply any presets, this will save you a crash or two. If anyone does figure out a fix be sure to post it on the Forums and share the love. ***Update*** Forcing Fullscreen using Steam command line argument "-fullscreen" does launch the game in Fullscreen with Reshade however any modifications to in game graphics or user settings or alt-tabbing resulted in a crash for me, not really a viable option but might save people time from trying it. Crosire the creator of Reshade has said this crashing is a UnrealEngine4 issue and something that might hopefully be fixed in a future patch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ***DOWNLOAD PRESET FILES HERE*** Version 1 For Mediator Users: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5wpj2cme89lu48c/Squad_Defined_By_Bopper2010.rar -------------------------------------- ***Installation Guide For Mediator Users*** 1: Download Preset from the "Mediafire" link above and extract the contents to its own folder. 2: There should be 2 folders inside, copy the "Squad Defined" preset folder first. 3: Navigate to your main Reshade Framework install location and paste the "Squad Defined" Folder inside - Reshade Framework1.1.0/Reshade/PersonalFiles/Presets/ 4: Next open the "Custom LUT" folder from the main preset download and copy the "CFX_ColorLUTDst.png" image file inside. 5: Now browse to your main Reshade install location and find - Reshade Framework 1.1.0/Reshade/CustomFX/Textures. 6: Now Paste the copied "CFX_ColorLUTDst.png", it will ask you to accept the overwrite changes and click allow or ok. 7. Next open Mediator tool choose "Add" and browse to the "Squad.exe" inside the steamapps\common\Squad\Squad\Binaries\Win64 directory and then select OpenGL as the API and hit Confirm. 8. Now click the Presets drop down box and "Squad Defined" preset should now be an option to select as a Preset, choose Update and then Hit Apply to save changes. 9: There should be only 3 enabled effects in the Pipeline in Mediator, LUMASHARPEN, SMAA and TUNINGPALETTE. Test with Offline preview if you wish to preview the effect before launching the game. ***If you want to remove the custom LUT and replace it with the original stock lut that you overwrote, there is another LUT file named "Original Stock LUT (Rename).png inside the "Custom LUT" folder, just rename the Original to "CFX_ColorLUTDst.png" and save changes this will return you to the stock LUT. -------------------------------------- (RESHADE TUTORIALS) Some of my Reshade Tutorials in a playlist from my YouTube channel, I cover how to setup Reshade Mediator and also MasterEffect and SweetFX and also how to upload and create your own Mediator presets for use on the database. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLomny9sN8EZmYVMQrEygRMrpZUs4RSZAW ------------------------------------- Made with Reshade Framework V1.1.0 Bopper -
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