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Division Specialist

Created by JoPineapples1968
Added March 29, 2016
Updated 30 Mar 20:20 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Some of you may know me from my Witcher 3 reshades on the nexus, if so think of this as a "Hardline" preset for The Division. Very Cinematic in approach, with some grit thrown into the mix. Installation: 2 versions one without cinematic black bars is the only diffrence, download which one you would like, unzip and then copy paste the contents of zip folder into your Division folder where the Division.EXE is.....You should be good to go.(Links don't seem to work >< Just right click on the one you want and choose open in new tab....Download or however you wish to do it) Version 1 Cine Bars: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fidsyymucaatv7v/Division+Specialist+Cine.zip Version 2 No Bars: http://www.mediafire.com/download/u8txk32e57q20zf/Division+Specialist.zip Incase the screenies don't work go here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/102611673@N04/albums/72157666229068226 Hope you enjoy it 8D PS The Preset download button will only give you the SweetFX.settings you need to use one of the links above....very important!! Who cares about download numbers lol 8D
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In game Sharpening at Zero, other than that your choice.


24 Jun 11:01 CEST

Your preset is very good, you have make a good jobs in my opinion.
Maybe a slight lack of contrast according to what I like, but really good preset.

30 Mar 22:58 CEST

Lol crazy crazy interwebz....Thanks Pdrozac had to go out 8)

30 Mar 22:54 CEST

Thank you all

30 Mar 22:53 CEST

The problem was solved.ISP blocks access to certain sites.This Is Russia!!!

30 Mar 22:01 CEST

Something is wrong on your end, Boro, the links work fine for me.

30 Mar 21:57 CEST

links do not open,error 404 Not Found

30 Mar 21:51 CEST

404 Not Found

30 Mar 20:16 CEST

Ahhhh Natural Light i was quite pleased with, worked well. DoF was never my strong point bartered it from someone else in exchange for my LUT 8)
Have to show me a pic of that with your tweaks sometime!

30 Mar 20:14 CEST

Boroda, right click the link and then choose open link in new tab :)

30 Mar 20:13 CEST

Natural Light, baby! Slightly modified. Turned down the DOF, added a subtle vignette, and maybe a few other things. Can't remember.

30 Mar 19:42 CEST

Links do not work,do not download,Help!!

30 Mar 18:57 CEST

Lol, i wouldn't classify me as an ace maybe a Jack.....And welcome aboard the more the merrier!!
Will take a look at one tonight, always good to purloin ideas lol, feel free yourself if it helps you out any!! I actually prefer my first version personally but ya know, a real Hardline i don't think would appeal so i turned it down a bit.
Which W3 Preset do you use?

30 Mar 18:36 CEST

Yeah, seems like CA is a love it or hate it thing. I like it in The Div because it makes sense to me given the modern setting. I posted two versions earlier, but decided to just go with the less Chromatic version. I feel it's subtle enough to satisfy both camps.

I joined! You guys are screenshot aces :O

30 Mar 18:15 CEST

Hey Phrozac, had a few issues between logging in on forums and here. Had to use a different email account in the end ><
Really? I'm happy with that, your preset looks really good....Seen some nice pics taken with it on Flickr, will give it a whirl once i've battled my way to Lvl 30 in DZ.

Started this Group if you feel the need, Itsyfp uses your preset:


Which preset of yours is the less Chromatic one? TBH i quite like it in this game but the screenshot bigwigs don't lol ><

30 Mar 17:23 CEST

Nice to see you here, Jo. I use your preset for W3 still :)

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