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SH2 Next Gen Mix

Preset for Silent Hill 2
Created by bageraz
Added April 7, 2016
Updated 23 Oct 20:16 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This preset is created with the latest ReShade 2.0.3f1. This is a standalone version. Just copy and paste files in .zip file to main game directory. THE PRESET: Old game with Next Gen Mix (well... maybe current gen i dont know). Shader are listed in order; FineSharp AdaptiveSharpen Grain AmbientOcclusion (SSGI) DepthOfField (MCFLY ADVANCED DOF) Bloom Levels ToneMap Vibrance Dither AmbientLight FXAA SMAA TIPS: Fell free to experiment. :) ISSUES: DepthOfField WILL affect with subtitles. Gladly if any can fix this issue. The bright area WILL be very bright and dark area WILL be very dark because of Levels. HOW TO INSTALL? Copy content from Zip file into game directory YOUTUBE VIDEO https://youtu.be/aTJlD2-0sFs SPLIT SCREEN DEMO https://youtu.be/1fTgFl7-YOo SIDE NOTES - Performance hit vary by your PC setup. - The images look blurry? The main reason some of the images look blurry because of DOF effect. - The ambient occlusion (AO) cast it own shadow, and give depth to environment. Turn of the shadow in the setting and you can see the shadow cast by AO from characters and environments. But the downside with turning the shadow off is that you can't see the shadow casting from flashlight. This is by my own preference, you can turn off the game shadow in setting if you want. Any improvement & feedback please contact me at meor.shukri@gmail.com
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27 Jan 05:59 CET

Can you upload a new link, please?

12 Apr 19:57 CEST

just realize that ReShade Preset cant have space in the folder name. Just rename it and you are done. Feel free to comment.

11 Apr 13:06 CEST

yup agree bro. just sharing my preset to give new look with this old game. anyway how about the AO? is there anything that i can try?

10 Apr 18:58 CEST

DOF soo great for screenshots but not for gameplay..thanx anyway bro

8 Apr 21:22 CEST

version 2 is uploaded

8 Apr 17:56 CEST

new update coming soon
- edit the DOF distance
- Grain (Alo81) change to FilmGrain (Ceejay)

7 Apr 17:49 CEST

Youtube link added

7 Apr 13:10 CEST

Fog area screenshot added

7 Apr 00:35 CEST

More screenshot will be added soon. Especially the fog scene.

7 Apr 00:04 CEST

Screenshot coming soon

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