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by TommyA

Brighter nights

Created by kennybones
Added May 12, 2016
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
I'm amazed at how horrible the gamma settings are in this game. And some servers don't allow gamma console command. So this mod is for people who just want a more natural brightness at nights, or in caves. Basically, I started with Uber Fidelity Suite for Fallout 4, and tweaked it until it didn't have a huge fps hit. So what's left is some lift gamma settings that make the image a bit brighter. But you still need torches and light sources at night. It's just so it's not that huge of a contrast between light and no light. There is also some other tweaks here that don't hurt fps, like a tiny amount of CA and sharpness filter. Which is good for me because I have resolution scale set to about 75%
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