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Next GenFX v1.1

Preset for Resident Evil 5
Created by Ferdimage
Added May 28, 2016
Updated 23 Oct 13:25 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Some lighting tweaks to give the game more depth and atmosphere. Updated: Colour adjusted and AO removed for better performance. Adjust brightness to your liking. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8TNui5mjmjmT1p2VnM5dDA1cTg Unzip everything into your installation folder.
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5 Oct 07:14 CEST

For a strange reason, using this shader my fps goes from 120 to 30, is it ok to be like that?

20 Jun 03:02 CEST

This looks great and promising!! But is there a way to make the colors as alive and vibrant as on the ENB preset? It would be perfect!

31 May 18:44 CEST

what I am trying to say is, I would like the colors more stand [as I want to implement this into a general shader for other games too]

31 May 18:43 CEST

Hi again :D I would like to ask one question, could you [i'm learning =D] tell me how I could bring out the color more, so it is closer to the original color, i do love the effect tho, but how can I tweak the color to the orginal a bit more [I like color, this seems to have a lot red tint to it] can you help me ?

30 May 04:05 CEST

@niflexible , Thanks I'll check out google drive when I update the preset.

29 May 08:19 CEST

I do wanna ask one thing, Why not post the preset, do we really need a download because you added some filter/masks to the shaders ?

I don't mind but you know, hosting sites do go down in time, but not here. If you did add some mask png files, instead of using media host site, why not use microsoft's storage free 15gig or googles drive free 15 gig instead. Thoss are less likely going to go down anytime soon +plus they wont delete it after a while.

29 May 08:15 CEST

this is amazing, thanks for sharing! Nice

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