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Crow Lights FX | v0_9

Created by Myloween
Added Aug. 8, 2016
Updated 13 Mar 00:15 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Hey ! This package contain 2 Vanilla enhanced presets designed for "Total War : WARHAMMER". ===================== Download Link : ===================== Crow Lights FX - v0_9 Beta - : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9AaipzJB6FeazhhaTVNdjBDc1k?resourcekey=0-6fpcvbdAZ1q5iF4IgB7Bvg&usp=sharing *Changelog under "Show/Hide settings". =============== Details : =============== Effects used : - TUNINGPALETTE - AMBIENT LIGHT - LENSDIRT - GAUSSIAN ANAMFLARE - BLOOM - LUMASHARPEN - LEVELS - FILMGRAIN - DITHER *Contain also some optionals GEMFX or CustomFX settings with different Dirts and LUT textures variations, including Neutral 4096x64/1024x32 LUT to make your own textures. _______________ Installation : Extract "Cold" or "Warm" folder's files into your game directory. By default : [...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War WARHAMMER __________ uninstall : Just remove the files. _______ Tips : - This preset is designed to run with the ingame vignette. [Shortcuts] - Scroll-lock > Activate/desactivate the preset ingame. - Print Screen > Take a screenshot. - Alt+K > Letterbox of Total War : Warhammer. - K > Removes UI. - N > Change the Fov (to zoom in on units without clipping). ============== Credits : ============== - Thanks to phroZac for the original preset ~ IMPERATOR FX ~ https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5631/
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=============================== Crow Lights FX Changelog : =============================== _____________________26/02/2017 Version v0_9 Beta - "EMBOSS" settings are removed for Warm/Cold preset. - "LUMASHARPEN" settings reworked for Warm/Cold preset. - "LENSDIRT" is a little bit dicreased for Warm/Cold preset. - New LUT texture settings with less Yellow color for Warm preset. _____________________18/11/2016 Version v0_8_1 Beta - "LUMASHARPEN" and "EMBOSS" settings reworked for Warm preset. - "LENSDIRT", "GAUSSIAN_ANAMFLARE" settings are balanced for new Bloom settings for Warm preset. - "BLOOM settings reworked to balance a little bit some burning skies for Warm preset. - All latest modifications are also added to the Cold preset. _____________________06/09/2016 Version v0_7_1 Beta - Color Balance of new texture LUT advanced color correction is a little bit changed. _____________________08/08/2016 Version v0_7 Beta - New LUT texture advanced color correction with new gamma exposure, Hue/Saturation and Color Balance correction for Warm preset. _____________________08/07/2016 Version v0_6_1 Beta - Brightness/Contrast of LUT texture are a very little bit decreased for Warm preset. _____________________23/06/2016 Version v0_6 Beta - Color Map Parameters of "TUNINGPALETTE" added for Warm preset. - New LUT Texture with Color Balance correction added by default for Warm preset. _____________________09/06/2016 Version v0_5 Beta - "TUNINGPALETTE" settings added with new 4096x64 LUT texture support for Cold/Warm preset. - "EMBOSS" settings Added for Cold/Warm preset. - "LUMASHARPEN" is a little bit decreased again to match with "EMBOSS" settings for Cold/Warm preset. - "GAUSSIAN_ANAMFLARE" adjusted for the new LUT support on Cold/Warm preset. _____________________07/06/2016 Version v0_4_1 Beta (Nothing new in this version, not needed if you have already v0_4) - Display name of the Cold preset while loading is corrected to "Cold Version" instead of Warm now. - Some errors corrected and "Tips" section added on the Readme. _____________________06/06/2016 Version v0_4 Beta - "AMBIENT_LIGHT" settings added for Cold/Warm preset. - "LENSDIRT" and "GAUSSIAN_ANAMFLARE" settings reworked for Cold/Warm preset and new ambient light features. - "LUMASHARPEN" is a little bit decreased for Cold/Warm preset. - "DITHER" settings Activated for Cold/Warm preset. _____________________05/06/2016 Version v0_3 Beta - Change the "LENSDIRT" settings for Cold/Warm preset. - Change the Dirt texture to better compatibility with HUD. _____________________04/06/2016 Version v0_2 Beta - Cold/Warm Initial Release.


21 Jul 18:19 CEST

Hey thank you ;)

Unfortunately I can't always to be fine on battle maps despite my test if I want to keep the dirt effect on the campaign map, I had to make choices.

10 Jul 13:09 CEST

All things are so disgustingly bright. I think it would have to be a bit darker and gloomy and the film should be a little more, then it would be perfect. The light efeckte are hammer and make the game really better and fun.
Otherwise, I find your prest super.
Thanks for your time and work.

10 Jul 12:57 CEST

hey thx for you work.

27 Apr 00:25 CEST

Hey, thank you ;)
Sorry I don't know why my preset doesn't works in fullscreen on your rig because I have no problem to use it on fullscreen on my game. however it may take some time to load at startup.

Maybe you can try to launch in the game in windowed mod and change to fullscreen when you are into the game, I don't know.

25 Apr 16:47 CEST

Hey thanks for your preset, really amazing and enjoyable!
Do you know if there is a way to make Sweetfx work on fullscreen? I have to run the game in windowed mod or it crash at startup :(
Of course is a problem on my side, not of your preset

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