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Preset for Dark Souls 3
Created by LalaSama
Added Nov. 22, 2016
Updated 22 Nov 22:45 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
With this Reshade preset i've removed the blue tint that's in pretty much every area of the game. All the very blue much bad areas will look bestest now and the not so blue areas will only look slightly better or maybe even tiny bit worse. Just maybe tho. Seriously tho there's just wayyy to much blue tint in some areas like after pontiff pvp area, so i couldn't take it anymore and made this preset mainly for that area. • HOW TO INSTALL • Download my preset txt file if you know how to install Reshade 3.0.5 properly, if not just download all required files from my nexus post. http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/121/?
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KeyLumaSharpen=0,0,0,0 KeyFXAA=0,0,0,0 KeyDeband=0,0,0,0 KeyLiftGammaGain=0,0,0,0 KeyTonemap=0,0,0,0 Techniques=Deband,FXAA,LiftGammaGain,LumaSharpen,Tonemap,Vibrance KeyVibrance=0,0,0,0 [Vibrance.fx] Vibrance=0.175000 VibranceRGBBalance=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 [Deband.fx] Threshold=0.004000 Range=16.000000 Iterations=1.000000 Grain=0.006000 [Tonemap.fx] Defog=0.000000 Bleach=0.000000 Gamma=0.950000 Exposure=0.075000 Saturation=0.000000 FogColor=0.000000,0.000000,1.000000 [FXAA.fx] Subpix=0.111000 EdgeThreshold=0.000000 EdgeThresholdMin=0.000000 [LiftGammaGain.fx] RGB_Lift=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 RGB_Gamma=1.000000,0.900000,0.800000 RGB_Gain=0.915000,0.950000,1.000000 [LumaSharpen.fx] pattern=2.000000 sharp_strength=0.550000 sharp_clamp=0.035000 offset_bias=1.000000 show_sharpen=0.000000


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