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Ryse Improved

Created by Reshader431
Added Nov. 23, 2016
Updated 23 Nov 11:38 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Reshade 3.0 preset. 2 presets are included, one I use for story mode, which makes it feel cinematic but perhaps not photorealistic. The other more stylized for the gladiator arena mode. For story mode one, there is a cinematic border, but you can disable this if you wish. If you choose to have it on, it will not cut off the UI and other parts of the screen if you simply go to options, game, screen settings adjust. This will change the safezone of the game to fit within the cinematic border. Performance loss should be minimal, I personally lost no noticable fps, but if you do try disabling HDR. Instructions: download Reshade 3.0 here: https://reshade.me/ run the program(as administrator just incase), select ryse exe in your game folder, choose dx10+, select yes to download shaders Then, go to my folder on https://mega.nz/#!xV5i0LRB!1UvLzxND-NqGAwCIlAIl16M1HHYDtCWmVux-V4PnO1s, download that, put those INI's in ryse bin64 folder. Now ingame when using Reshade's ingame system, you should be able to select my presets. SPECIAL NOTE TO LAPTOP USERS I own a laptop and reshade's dxgi files make the game crash at launch. its simple to fix this if you get this problem as well. Just rename all files with dxgi to d3d11, and delete the log. Now it will work perfectly. Thanks to the insane improvements in Reshade 3.0, presets can be changed on the fly ingame with configuration mode. So if you like my preset, but want to make slight changes, you can. Just use configuration mode, select one of the presets, and change the different effects. If people request it, I will make a non hdr version that tries to mimic the original as much as possible with gamma curves or something. But reshade's new hdr seems to be very performance friendly, but if it isn't, I will be glad to remake this preset for those people with issues.
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