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The True Dark Side

Created by SneakyNinja
Added Dec. 2, 2016
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
I made this preset to add a more darker and atmospheric look to the game. Ingame brightness is around 35-40%. Depending on your monitor settings you might get slightly different results than the screenshots are showing. I will add more screenshots later, when i am further into the game. INSTALLATION: Download the Reshade Setup.exe, run it and choose the Darksiders.exe, select DX10+ to install. Then just download the preset and put it in the same direction where the game .exe is located. While running the game press Shift + F2 and select this preset with the Reshade configurator. Maybe you have to go to the settings tab and select a key to toggle off/on if Reshade is installed for the first time.
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KeyCA=0,0,0,0 KeyCurves=0,0,0,0 KeyDaltonize=0,0,0,0 KeyLumaSharpen=0,0,0,0 KeyAmbientLight=0,0,0,0 KeyDeband=0,0,0,0 KeyClarity=0,0,0,0 KeyHDR=0,0,0,0 KeyVibrance=0,0,0,0 KeyVignette=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmicPass=0,0,0,0 KeyMotionBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyMXAO=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmGrain2=0,0,0,0 KeyMonochrome=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_AutoFocus=0,0,0,0 KeyAdvancedCRT=0,0,0,0 KeyKNearestNeighbors=0,0,0,0 KeyNonLocalMeans=0,0,0,0 KeyRingDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyMagicDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyGP65CJ042DOF=0,0,0,0 KeyMatsoDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyFilmGrain=0,0,0,0 KeyReflectiveBumpmapping=0,0,0,0 KeyMartyMcFlyDOF=0,0,0,0 KeyDPX=0,0,0,0 KeyEmphasize=0,0,0,0 KeyMode1=0,0,0,0 KeyMode2=0,0,0,0 KeyMode3=0,0,0,0 KeyFXAA=0,0,0,0 KeyGaussianBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyBloomAndLensFlares=0,0,0,0 KeyLUT=0,0,0,0 KeyHighPassSharp=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_Far=0,0,0,0 KeyHQ4X=0,0,0,0 KeyLevels=0,0,0,0 KeyLiftGammaGain=0,0,0,0 KeyBorder=0,0,0,0 KeyTonemap=0,0,0,0 KeyLightDoF_Near=0,0,0,0 KeyTechnicolor=0,0,0,0 KeyCartoon=0,0,0,0 KeySurfaceBlur=0,0,0,0 KeyAdaptiveSharpen=0,0,0,0 KeyColorMatrix=0,0,0,0 KeySMAA=0,0,0,0 KeyTechnicolor2=0,0,0,0 KeyTint=0,0,0,0 KeyTiltShift=0,0,0,0 KeyColourfulness=0,0,0,0 Techniques=LumaSharpen,FilmicPass,MXAO,Vignette,Clarity,Tint


28 Dec 18:50 CET

Interesting style, will try it, thx

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