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Created by maxxwho
Added May 6, 2017
Updated 20 Nov 19:24 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Support ended.
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;pubg_enhancer_1-3.ini KeySMAA=46,0,0,0 Techniques=Colourfulness,LumaSharpen,Tonemap TechniqueSorting=Colourfulness,LumaSharpen,SMAA,Tonemap Effects=LumaSharpen.fx,Colourfulness.fx,SMAA.fx,Tonemap.fx ;PUBG Enhancer v1.3 by maxxwho ;Uploading this preset without permission is prohibited. [SMAA.fx] EdgeDetectionType=0 EdgeDetectionThreshold=0.200000 MaxSearchSteps=98 MaxSearchStepsDiagonal=16 CornerRounding=20 DebugOutput=0 [Colourfulness.fx] lim_luma=1.000000 colourfulness=0.550000 [LumaSharpen.fx] pattern=0 sharp_strength=2.600000 sharp_clamp=0.045000 offset_bias=0.300000 show_sharpen=0 [Tonemap.fx] Defog=0.010000 Bleach=0.000000 Gamma=0.880000 Exposure=-0.050000 Saturation=0.050000 FogColor=1.000000,0.999990,0.999992 ;PUBG Enhancer v1.3 by maxxwho ;Uploading this preset without permission is prohibited.


8 Feb 13:28 CET

Agreed! The game looks terrible without ReShade.

7 Feb 19:28 CET

Thanks you for your answer. Now, my game isn't beautiful...

7 Feb 18:16 CET

The use of ReShade and SweetFX is no longer tolerated. Details: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/177471-anti-cheat-update-delayed-reshade-blocked/

6 Feb 22:15 CET

I played with your preset and my game is very beautiful. But since last update, game don't work. I re-install preset and the game doesn't work.
Do you know this problem ? I am alone ?
Thanks you for great work ;)

1 Feb 20:33 CET

Hi nice preset ...changing the frameratelimit in GameUserSettings doesn't work using reshade. .. I don't have this problem with sweetfx 1.5 ... i would loved to use last reshade without bleeding my eyes out by tearing.
ty for help ...

3 Jan 22:38 CET

@Moragen I'll look into it. Thank you for the feedback!

29 Dec 14:20 CET

liked 1.2 more. Because of Clarity. Can you return it?

22 Dec 00:46 CET

Good Job TY

21 Aug 21:40 CEST

@everyone A hotfix for PUBG ENHANCER v1.2 has just gone live. Download the preset again to install it.
Changelog here: http://rssfx.maxxwho.de/manager/games/pubg/enhancer

16 Jul 17:45 CEST

★ New showcase video has been added! Link in the description above. ★

13 Jul 20:08 CEST

We hit 5k downloads today! I really appreciate your support so far. Enjoy those chicken dinners! :)

9 Jul 17:11 CEST

It's all explained here: http://rssfx.maxxwho.de/manager/games/pubg/enhancer

See "Intallation guide".
The Newtonsoft.Json.dll has nothing to do with this preset. It's just needed for the manager application to work.

9 Jul 15:39 CEST

How to use Newtonsoft.Json.dll ? Write the installation way, please.

30 Jun 20:35 CEST

@keyciraptor Newtonsoft Json is a framework for .NET applications (http://www.newtonsoft.com/json) - I mainly use it to deploy new presets, like this one, for the Manager application.

30 Jun 00:00 CEST

what is that "newtonsoft.json.dll mate? for what is it?

29 Jun 00:08 CEST

@keyciraptor mkay

28 Jun 19:35 CEST

weird stuff this is my mate, nope thanks!

19 May 20:14 CEST

@everyone PUBG Enhancer v1.1 is now live!

Highlights: settings for best performance have been added, improved performance, better colors, better sharpening


7 May 12:58 CEST

@wsarahan Glad you like it! Which error does the installer put out?

7 May 07:42 CEST


I love your presets, but i don`t know why this one failed to install here using the installer, it always get the wrong path and the preset do not launch, any effect launch, downloading the reshade and making it manually worked like a charm, and as always a great preset, had 0 fps decrease here

7 May 02:19 CEST

Feel free to share any feedback! It really helps me to improve this preset in the future.

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