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★ 5 | Realism by QTmodz

Preset for Sniper Elite 4
Created by QTmodz
Added July 10, 2017
Updated 12 Jul 15:44 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
★ 5 | Realism by QTmodz I just want to let you know this beauty can be demanding! So i have put individual keys to the demanding shaders... Real improvements while keeping the charm
Preset Techniques: LUT HDR Curves Clarity MXAO FilmGrain Fine-Sharp MatsoDOF GaussianBlur LumaSharpen AmbientLight Lift-Gamma-Gain
1st Part Download and install ReShade from: https://reshade.me/ 2nd Part Press Download button below to show support and it contains a link To all the files needed and included....... Important Keys: MatsoDOF = Insert, MXAO = Delete, Scroll = Everthing Leave a post and Enjoy!
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13 Jul 04:20 CEST

Glad you got it working :)
As for the Performance Mode never really used it to see is there much of a difference

12 Jul 23:56 CEST

Hi QTmodz,

It works !!!

Thanks for the tip.

After pressing Shift + F2 (entering the menu)

I had to setup the "Effects Toggle Key" !!! After pressing the Scroll Lock key it worked flawlessly.

I am a bit embarassed but I am a bit of a 'newbie' regarding ReShade 3.x' interface and all.

One question though is it 'common practice' to switch [Usage Mode] from Configuration Mode to Performance Mode ?

BTW I am going to use all of your recent uploaded PreSets as well.




12 Jul 23:32 CEST


Scroll is working for me but do open the menu and make sure Scroll is main key and Sniper Elite 4 is selected in drop down menu.

12 Jul 20:38 CEST

Hi QTmodz,

Thanks for your ultra quick reply.

I checked the old RAR file with your newly uploaded RAR file and I think they are the same ?!

I checked the CRC32 of every single file and unfortunately nothing has changed.

Pressing the Scroll Lock key does not work.

Could you be so kind to take a look at it ?

Many thanks in advance !




12 Jul 15:47 CEST

Hi Jaydi

Ignore that other post the files were broken!
So i just updated the download so now it will work as it should

Sorry about that mate

12 Jul 15:24 CEST

Scroll should be on/off if not it is easy to change key. As for the settings change in game to your own liking.

12 Jul 10:59 CEST

Hi QTmodz,

Many thanks for your PreSet. Much obliged !

I am using ReShade 3.0.7 and I am not sure what the [Scroll = Everything] is supposed to do ?

Do I have to press the Scroll Lock key for turning ReShade ON or OFF ?

Because when I do, nothing happens ???

MatsoDOF and MXAO are working properly though.

Any requirements and/or recommendations regarding:

Anti-Aliasing - Off / Low / Medium / High

Anisotropic Filtering - Off / 2 through 16

Or do they 'simply' do not interfere with your PreSet ?

I have a GTX 970 GPU.

I appreciate any help I can get and once again many thanks for creating and sharing your Presets here with us !!!




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