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Warcraft Legion Next-Gen Graphics

Created by Samidare
Added July 15, 2017
Updated 18 Jul 10:36 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Installation: 1. Download latest Reshade 2. Download my profile http://www.mediafire.com/file/61mxwteb27td6sx/NextGen.ini 3. Install reshade in your game folder 4. Put my profile in your game folder 5. After login in SHIFT+F2, in the menu load NextGen profile. This is the present which significantly changes the look of the game. Probably a lot of people gonna complain about the things being used here (DoF, Filmgrain, Vignette...) but for people with the same taste as mine - this one gonna make your WoW look like Next-Gen! For the best experience I suggest using: 1. Action camera. The command for it is: /console actioncam on (creating macro recommended) 2. 21:9 aspect ratio 3. EvilUI interface or any other that can make it look as minimalistic as possible. I have tried raiding and doing mythic with this (also actioncam) and it's perfectly fine. However - DoF configuration is not perfect. I am not sure how to configure it better, but if anyone has an idea, I would appreciate sending settings. Credit will go to you. For now I can just suggest using a toggle key to turn off DoF whenever necessary. Please send suggestions! P.S. Pictures are low-res and not all high settings because I am on gt720m currently.
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Emphasize Vignette DoF Filmgraind Levels FXAA (I prefer this one over others, because with SMAA and so on it makes it look...too sharp. Yes, you've heard me. IMO FXAA makes edges more smooth and blend pixels togheter, so everything looks more consistent, cinematic-like and not so clunky)


29 Jul 10:49 CEST

im getting some weird thing when moving the camera its like your preset is bugged i can see throught walls some weird colored lines idk how to fix that

5 Dec 07:01 CET


DOF is the imperfection of this software. It happens to many games and especially in WoW. Still it looks great but yeah it is sometimes annoying. I used to have a shortcut button to toggle it on/off like on the mouse of something.

20 Nov 03:23 CET

Nice. Love it. But how u deal with the ui text when using Dof?

2 Oct 23:14 CEST

I really like it.

15 Jul 07:17 CEST

Please give your suggestions and opinions in comment section.

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