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~ ANIMUS FX ~ v1

Created by phroZac
Added Oct. 28, 2017
Updated 31 Jan 21:09 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
The goal of this preset isn't realism but cinematic color grading(think Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Game of Thrones etc. etc.). All pics are at max settings on a 1080ti. INSTALLATION: 1. Put all the contents of the zip file into the folder where your ACOrigins executable resides. DONE! PRESET LINK: https://mega.nz/#!4ElXADLY!Z9KTM8UM8pBNF61BwPmeKQkGvAjfwoXcKYDPs-bo_aA *Scroll Lock* toggles on/off ReShade so you can see the difference
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18 Feb 00:48 CET

Nope, nothing's extra, just the game and its DLCs'.

12 Feb 21:06 CET

Strange, I just played it last night. Works fine. Did you reinstall on a new HD recently, or maybe leave extra files in your game folder?

12 Feb 00:28 CET

Guys, I can't run my Origins, it always stuck on game logo and don't go further. After deleting the Reshade files it starts just fine. Rename the files didn't help. I also made a borderless windowed mode but it seems nothing's can help me solve this problem

27 Nov 19:58 CET

Not quite. I'm doing several things to dim bright lights. I also like the look of very dense air, hence the hazy look. Have you actually installed and tried the preset? These screens don't really do it justice.

27 Nov 19:15 CET

I think you add a sort of grey filter. The night is ok but just the night.

27 Nov 13:09 CET

@Alex - Mo idea! Sorry.

@Oudiny - Thanks for letting me know. If it's vibrance and clarity you're looking for, there's several presets which do that. This is a cinematic preset.

26 Nov 12:03 CET

Sorry ... but it's better without preset !Thx to have participate ... next time maybe :)

25 Nov 22:46 CET

How can i use this with d3d9.dll.or with dx9 games?thx

9 Nov 15:27 CET

@Frost - I don't have Syndicate, but you could see if this one works with it. Same engine and franchise, so it might work out fine.

9 Nov 14:09 CET

Can You make a Reshade preset for AC Syndicate please? :)

7 Nov 15:16 CET

@PvtHudson - Thanks! I've actually been bringing it in a bit because if pushed too far from vanilla, things can get kind of unpredictable. But I could add a few variations e.g. with/without the border/CA/tiltshift etc. etc...

6 Nov 15:31 CET

Nice! Feels like playing a movie. Best preset so far. :) Maybe you could even push it further?

3 Nov 15:22 CET

ok, thx!

3 Nov 14:24 CET

That's what I thought. Tiltshift is tuned for 1440p. You can turn it off or you can tune it for 1080p.

3 Nov 14:12 CET

hey! 2560x1080

3 Nov 07:54 CET

Hey Mozg, you can turn off the borders by going to your game folder...Assassins Creed Origins\ReShade\Presets\Default, opening the file Shaders_by_CeeJay.cfg, and scrolling down to:
#define USE_BORDER 1 //[Shared] //-Border : Can be used to create letterbox borders around the image.

Change the "1" into a "0".

As for the tiltshift blur, you can turn it off by opening Shaders_by_Ganossa.cfg and changing its "1" to a "0" as well, but the way it's behaving in your screenshot seems weird. What resolution are you playing at?

2 Nov 21:43 CET

and black bars too :)

2 Nov 21:39 CET

https://i.gyazo.com/c2509660b1b548136724da89848a0443.jpg how to remove this bloom?

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