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Created by Chavolatra
Added April 8, 2018
Updated 15 Apr 17:44 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
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Download link for this mod: https://epicawesomemods.com/mods-r/resident-evil4-hd-remaster/photorealistic-resident-evil4-hd-remaster.html


24 May 15:28 CEST

Found another one like this that doesn't link you to some virus shit. Not gonna download this, just make the config available as is or upload it to another site, not some virus filled porn links.

19 Apr 23:59 CEST

unpack this file zip/rar in game diretory and open d3d9.ini file

edit path for textures, shaders and preset

EffectSearchPaths=D:\Games\Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD\Bin32\reshade-shaders\Shaders
TextureSearchPaths=D:\Games\Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD\Bin32\reshade-shaders\Textures
PresetFiles=D:\Games\Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD\Bin32\PhotorealisticResidentEvil4Reshade.ini

in game press shift + F12 and click dropbox in Reshade GUI and select preset if dont work normal

17 Apr 20:47 CEST

How to install this Mod?

11 Apr 17:58 CEST

Wow. He/She must be wearing his dirty glasses all day long.

9 Apr 14:23 CEST

Yeah, definitly photorealistic.

9 Apr 12:39 CEST

hey, you like bloom?

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