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Dark World

Created by wanderingSKULL
Added May 26, 2018
Updated 28 May 08:55 CEST
Shader used: Other
Preset description:
This is a ENB + ReShade configuration that generally makes everything darker with a stronger contrast between light and dark in addition to adding various shader techniques. The VTM: Bloodlines ENB dll, which is used by most other configurations, ended up having too many problems for me to overlook. I'm using the Black Mesa ENB dll which seems to work without any issues, makes the game 'darker' by changing the rendering, and gives the game much needed anisotropic filtering. Although I preferred ENB's ambient occlusion, Black Mesa's dll has very strange artifacts with Bloodlines so I used ReShade's AO which still helps give the game much more 'depth'. Overall, I think I've combined the strengths of ENB and ReShade. It's definitely not perfect and some scenes are far too dark for my liking, but it works well enough. Tested on: - GOG VTM: Bloodlines - Unofficial Patch 10.0 Release Candidate 2 - Windows 10 Pro [April 2018 Update] ENB Effects: - 16x Anisotropic Filtering [Distant textures are crisp and clear instead of a blurry mess.] - Overall darker visuals due to rendering changes [Not actually sure what setting is causing this. Per-pixel lighting?] ReShade Effects: - Ambient Light [Incredibly subtle light spread.] - Curves [Actually used to make things overall brighter as ENB+MXAO make things really, really dark.] - Deband [Helps smooth very dark areas so they appear less 'patchy'.] - FakeHDR [Also used to make things overall 'brighter' with light sources appearing more vivid.] - FXAA [Smooths out most jagged lines, making hard pixels less noticeable.] - Levels [Yet another effect used to overall increase brightness.] - MagicBloom [Subtle glows from bright surfaces, usually light sources or near them.] - MXAO [Adds significant shadows based on light sources, making things appear much less 'flat'. Adds a fair amount of overall darkness.] - Vignette [Slight 'darkness' around the edges of the screen.] INSTRUCTIONS: - Extract zip contents into main VTM Bloodlines folder [where Vampire.exe is] KEYBINDINGS: - Shift F11 to toggle ENB. - F12 [no shift] to toggle ReShade. - Scroll Lock to open/close ReShade's menu.
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http://www.mediafire.com/file/97y6nu1i7vyilji/Dark+World.7z Download above zip and extract into main VTM Bloodlines folder. More info in description.


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