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▌GPUnity's AdvancedCC - Optimised ▌

Created by GPUnity
Added Oct. 8, 2018
Updated 26 Oct 11:05 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Advanced Colour Correction for Arkham Knight. Marty Mcfly's Lightroom shader has been used to configure colours properly. Colour adjustments later ported to a LUT texture to improve game performance. What is LUT? LUT stands for Look Up Table. This is a simple texture which can be referenced for quick colour grading information. This also means a minor performance impact when using the LUT shader. As you can see from the screenshots, the green pallete is removed and i've aimed for richer aesthetics. Greens are still carefully maintained. Other colours and white balance is adjusted. Many sections have been analysed with this preset for consistency, these were the best results i could manage. Reshade SMAA is also enabled in the screenshots. CA, Film Grain and AA disabled in-game. Example video by Vipul700: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iZTgZwNpLM You can find more of my modding work here (including Reshade presets for Asylum & City): https://steamcommunity.com/id/GPUnity/myworkshopfiles/?section=guides
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1. Download Reshade 3: https://reshade.me 2. Select Arkham Knight executable for Reshade installation (D3D11): Executable located here: \steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\Binaries\Win64\ 3. Download shaders when prompted, only shader needed is LUT, but SMAA is recommended too (better AA vs in-game version) 4. Download the .zip file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1maiN3fZgaOjdTZWImLB2eqep7vASUCjm/view?usp=sharing Extract the contents and copy reshade-shaders folder to the game directory. Overwrite if requested. 5. Launch the game, Reshade window should pop up. Enable LUT shader in Reshade window. The preset should be applied. You can change Reshade to 'performance mode' in the settings tab for better performance. Additionally, you can disable in-game AA in favour of the SMAA shader in the Reshade window. Pro Tip: You can adjust the LUT chroma amount to suit your liking. You can even bypass the '1.0' value cap by 'Ctrl+Clicking' the value and typing whatever value you want to (for example 1.2).


24 Oct 10:19 CEST

made a video based on reshade

11 Oct 15:01 CEST

Updated the download link, new LUT texture is spot on now.

11 Oct 14:44 CEST

Hmm after some screenshot comparisons with LUT vs Lightroom, yeah i'm seeing a notable difference. Maybe Lightroom doesn't display a truly vanilla LUT? I'll see what i can do to fix this.

10 Oct 19:25 CEST

@phroZac "I have noticed that the LUT generated doesn't yield a 1-to-1 result with the settings as displayed through Lightroom. Is this your experience as well?"

I haven't noticed any differences, but i don't have the best monitor for comparing either. Maybe there was some slight misalignment when you cropped the LUT overlay? It's important to be pixel perfect. Texture res by default has to be 1024x32.

The LUT texture is still compressed information. For anyone that notices the compression and isn't concerned with performance, its better to stick to the original shaders. I think you'd have to have a very good eye, or be an experienced colorist to notice differences in practice anyway.

You can edit the LUT shader .fx file manually, to improve its accuracy. That's suited for advanced users and might make LUT processing more demanding.

Remember to select 'Performance mode' in the settings tab of Reshade after you've finished your preset. It's normal if performance is the same with Lightroom vignette and LUT, vs just Lightroom. The only reason i can think of for you to stick to LUT is if you want to use the MultiLUT shader.

10 Oct 17:50 CEST

I guess it's great for those who pile on 5,6,7 color shaders, but I'm fairly efficient in that area, as I never use more than 4 color shaders and am very specific with their usage. I'll keep messing with it. However, I have noticed that the LUT generated doesn't yield a 1-to-1 result with the settings as displayed through Lightroom. Is this your experience as well? I made sure to create the LUT with only Lightroom active and the vignette off.

10 Oct 17:41 CEST

Yeah, I read that in the description. I'm just enabling Lightroom for its vignette after generating the LUT, zeroing out the color tweaks, and enabling the LUT shader. Though I've found that using Lightroom for colorgrading and vignette is no more expensive than using it for only the vignette and the LUT shader. So it's a wash as far as efficiency is concerned, unless I'm reading the statistics wrong?

9 Oct 23:01 CEST

@kaicooper nice to see you here :D

@shad more info here: https://reshade.me/forum/general-discussion/2501-reshade-3-0-guide-for-newcomers

Make sure you know the directory for Arkham Knight. Right click the game on Steam and select 'properties'. Go to >Local Files, then >Browse Local Files. File explorer should open and reveal the game's directory. Click on 'Binaries' folder, then 'Win64'. This is where you have to install Reshade. If you've done so correctly, there should be a 'reshade-shaders' folder visible.

Extract 'GPUnity's CC for Arkham Knight' file by right clicking it and selecting extract. Copy the included 'reshade-shaders' folder from the extracted files to Win64 folder (merging it with the existing one in the game directory) - overwrite if requested.

Launch the game. In the Reshade window, enable LUT.

@phroZac No problem, and vignette doesn't work on LUT.

Once you've selected the LUT shader, it will automatically use the lut.png texture you've replaced and recognise your changes.

9 Oct 21:46 CEST

Hey GPU, sorry to bug you again, but I have one more question regarding Lightroom: Once you've generated the LUT and replaced the default LUT in the textures folder, do you then disable the Lightroom shader in the GUI(unless using the vignette feature), and then use the LUT with the separate LUT shader?

9 Oct 17:09 CEST

Thanks, GPU! I checked out the Lightroom Shader. It's amazing. The amount of control is very comprehensive. I particularly like the vignette feature. Best vignette in ReShade by far.

9 Oct 15:57 CEST

@GPUnity Ok I'm lost now. Do they have a tutorial for this type of install on this page. Never tried this method your using. When you said extract, that's when I got lost...thanks though

9 Oct 14:02 CEST

fantastic job bro
im the one in Reshade Forum with
WWE screenshots..thanx for this

9 Oct 09:47 CEST

@shad i haven't shared a preset .ini file. Make a new preset in the Reshade window with the '+' icon. Enable LUT in the top half of the Reshade window and the preset should be applied if you've extracted my files correctly.

9 Oct 09:44 CEST

@MOJ thank you and good job on your presets (particularly BF4)!

@phroZac I used the Lightroom shader for Reshade 3: https://reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/4393-quint

It's included in the Quint download pack.

There's a LUT overlay option for when you're happy with your lightroom settings. You can screenshot with the LUT overlay selected, then crop the LUT to fit the original LUT texture size. Reshade's default LUT texture is 1024x32 in pixel size and is an LUT tile amount of 64.

If you check /reshade-shaders/Textures/ folder (when Reshade is installed), you'll find the default LUT.png file (vanilla LUT) which you can replace.

9 Oct 09:38 CEST

I want to try this bad but for some reason its not showing in my reshade drop down menu. Im using the recent reshade and I turned the preset into the ini file...still not showing. please help

9 Oct 04:59 CEST

Awesome job! How are you making the LUT? I used to use pre-made LUTs in my presets, but never figured out how to make them on my own. Do you have a link you can post where I can learn how?

8 Oct 21:01 CEST

Well done, really well done. This game already looked outstanding, now it looks perfect. This is exactly the type of preset i like: removing tints and revealing what the game "should" look like. Check out my profile, i have done some presets with similar tweaking!

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