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Tint Removal Preset Pack

Preset for Battlefield 3
Created by MartinBFFan
Added June 15, 2020
Updated 15 Jun 14:34 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
A pack of presets made to improve the game's colors by attempting to clean up the color grading and making some touchups to the aesthetics of certain maps. The reason why I went with a pack instead of a single preset is that there are numerous different kinds of color grading configurations in BF3 and having one preset would mean certain maps would look worse than others. Requires qUINT and SweetFX shaders The settings text contains a download link to the following presets: Normal.ini = preset for most maps. Corrects minor blue tint, improves saturation Metro-Seine.ini = intended for Seine Crossing and Operation Metro. Removes blue tint while keeping a wartorn atmosphere Karkand-Sharqi.ini = intended for Sharqi Peninsula and Strike at Karkand. Removes the blue tint and ups saturation to make the colors a bit more natural looking Wake.ini = intended for Wake Island. A bluish, but saturated atmosphere. Night.ini = intended for nighttime maps. Reduces blue tint and darkens the image.
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5 Jun 10:56 CEST

not too happy with it atm

5 Jun 10:56 CEST

No problem. I will eventually update it

6 Nov 09:39 CET

thank u mate , you're life saver , I've been waiting this for months

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