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Immortal Eminence

Created by MarvelousSagacity
Added June 5, 2021
Updated 24 Sep 09:12 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
A foreword, because of letter/character limitations the title only reads “Immortal Eminence (Killer Frost's Furor)” though this preset’s intended title is “Immortal Eminence (Killer Frost's Furor, Trigon's Provocation)”. The preset “Immortal Eminence (Killer Frost's Furor, Trigon's Provocation)” for Injustice: Gods Among Us does several things. It only uses one shader MultiLUT.fx. If one is new to Reshade and need help installing the file in the gallery associated with MultiLUT.fx read the instructions on my user page. https://bit.ly/3z34qf7 The first thing one will notice is how it re-balances color. That is why Killer Frost and Trigon are included in this preset’s name; originally Killer Frost’s default color for her first and second costume are more skewed to a purple hue, now it is more blue seen in these three photo examples. KF1 https://bit.ly/3fQGowv KF2 https://bit.ly/3gb2hpg KF3 https://bit.ly/3fVlMTC Altering Killer Frost’s color to more blue, does effect purple overall; as a benefit or consequence depending on one’s perspective other purple items are more bluish, not completely blue. An example is Raven’s costume and power colors, which are now more blue violet as seen here. Rv1 https://bit.ly/3yZBepD Rv2 https://bit.ly/2SYwQqb In my humble opinion I believe this is for the better; other examples include Atom Smasher’s attire, and Cyborg’s Cannon Blast which are more blue. AS https://bit.ly/3fTaT4K Cb https://bit.ly/3ikKfU0 There are more but those are the most noticeable. Trigon’s original red palette is washed out, now it is not. Tg https://bit.ly/3z6WZ6E Other articles that are red will be sharper too; for example Shazam/Captain Marvel and Harley Quinn. SzCM https://bit.ly/2S2VdmF HQ https://bit.ly/2SeDrNh Beyond color correction Immortal Eminence adds more depth of field to backgrounds (The amount of the effect varies on each stage.) This Dof effect also makes shadows less harsh and more natural akin to gradation. An example displaying these effects can be seen here inside Wayne Manor. It can be seen here in the character model viewer too; featuring everyone’s favorite “Clown Prince of Crime.” WM https://bit.ly/3cjVkB6 JK https://bit.ly/3gfftcA Lastly It increases lighting, making it more pronounced; even stark in some areas: examples include Atlantis and Themyscira, At https://bit.ly/3pzU1nb Tmcr https://bit.ly/3vU8oop In closing Immortal Eminence (Killer Frost’s Furor, Trigon’s Provocation) in my humble opinion is superior to my previous preset for this game “Vivacious Justness” that is almost 5 years old. The main difference is with the old preset Vivacious Justness it brute forces color in areas; it is more harsh. With Immortal Eminence it is more natural. While making Immortal Eminence I reached the revelation that each stage has its own lighting and atmosphere; some stages will be more colorful than others. An example being the Batcave. It is underground with no natural light meaning it will always be less vibrant compared to others. Ultimately the decision regarding if Immortal Eminence is better than Vivacious Justness is up to the Injustice players; important too, thank Vincent_Kazuwa who left a comment on my old preset which was made in SweetFx saying it only worked on older versions of Reshade. This preset only exists because of that comment and clarification, be thankful to that person. -peace out
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PreprocessorDefinitions= Techniques=MultiLUT@MultiLUT.fx TechniqueSorting=Daltonize@Daltonize.fx,LUT@LUT.fx,MultiLUT@MultiLUT.fx,DisplayDepth@DisplayDepth.fx,Layer@Layer.fx,Border@Border.fx,Deband@Deband.fx,Monochrome@Monochrome.fx,UIMask_Top@UIMask.fx,UIMask_Bottom@UIMask.fx,AdvancedCRT@CRT.fx,FXAA@FXAA.fx,SMAA@SMAA.fx


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