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Lights and Shadows Rebalance

Created by Myashi
Added April 13, 2023
Updated 13 Apr 15:56 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
INTRODUCTION Dead Space Remake, is a pretty dark game. Many times I couldn’t see sh*t, while exploring the darkest areas of the Hishimura. After some test, cranking up the game gamma (wich worked a bit but made look the game less scary), I’ve made this preset, to my tastes. The focus of my preset is to make look the game less dark, while keeping intact the scary atmosphere. To do so, light sources and shadows have been rebalanced. In addition DLSS’s blur has been reduced, and textures are much detailed than vanilla. SHADER USED • Clarity • Lumasharpen • LUT SUMMARY • Details enhanced • Rebalance of lights and shadows, using a custom LUT • A touch of color correction and color grading • Performance friendly DOWNLOAD Main link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gup0exxk51igpm2/DSR_Lights__and__Shadows__Rebalanced.zip Optional Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/deadspace2023/mods/12 (check Further Details On Gamma to know what's this about) INSTALLATION 1. Download ReShade here: https://reshade.me/ 2. Launch ReShade, click on browse and look for the location of the game exe. Then click on next 3. Click on DirectX10/11/12 and click next, then click next again 4. In the shader download list, put a check mark to AstrayFX by BlueSkyDefender and click next 5. Wait for the download, and uncheck all but Lumasharpen and click next. Then uncheck all but Clarity and click next and finish (if you find confusing this step, you may leave everything checked) 6. Download my preset from the provided link. Unpack the archive, copy and paste its content in the game folder. Click on overwrite. Now you can launch the game. 7. Press the home key, to open ReShade. Now click on skip tutorial, and then in the drop-down menu (where it says: ReShadePreset). Scroll down until you find Lights and Shadow Rebalance and double click on it. Lastly, in bottom right corner of ReShade, check mark the: Performance Mode. 8. Activate the effect by pressing the SCRL LOCK key. That's it, enjoy your game =) DETAILS & INSTRUCTIONS • The preset is meant to work at 1440p. Is not tested at 4k. Feel free to try =) • I recommend to leave the in game gamma at default (50) • Keep in mind that setting the light to LOW, makes the game SUPER DARK. • If you don't get the same look as mine, consider to calibrate your monitor • Keep update your gpu always with latest drivers • If the game shouldn't start, turn off overlay softs like msi afterburner, evga precision and such (included steam overlay), before launching the game PERFORMANCE I run the game, on an i7 11700k, paired with 32gb of ram and a RTX 2080. Based on the game’s performance, on my PC the preset might drop from 1 to 2 frames. Mostly it doesn’t. On the other hand, Dead Space has traversal stutter problems, expecially when entering a new zone (as shown by Digital Foundry in their analysis). Noticeable stutters happens frequently (but less than the day one, thanks to the patches). In some cases after several hours of playing, FSP dropped hard on the big elevator, in the mining area (vanilla game: ReShade off). I reccomend using the Optimized Settings from Alex Battaglia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvQl7EDPRC4 (skip to 18:15 min). For those who have 3.XX Nvidia card or above, you may want to try Resizeable Bar. Other than that, only patches can make the game run better. VIDEO Check my video showcase for this preset: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1ThhQYZkqg INFO - This is the V3 and final version of my preset
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The mod is also uploaded on Nexus Mods. There you'll find additional info and and optional download.


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