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Created by AlkSeizer
Added May 31, 2023
Updated 1 Jun 00:48 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Preset for Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition (tested on v2.10.21415) Created by AlkSeizer Added May 31, 2023 Shader used: ReShade (v5.8.0) Graphical Enhancer Preset aka "Grim Dawn look" Originally created to improve the sharpness of the rendering and remove the exaggerated brightness caused by the lighting technique of the original game, I ended up giving it almost the same rendering as Grim Dawn from Crate Entertainment and I'm pretty happy with the result :) The night is dark as it is supposed to be in wild and unlit places like caves and dungeons. The colors are bright and warm, the details are revealed and show the work of the artists who made the textures. There are improvements to be made, but the base is there, it's up to you to modify according to your desires / needs. I hope that you will like. Joe ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download ReShade 5.8.0 ( I took the "ReShade 5.8.0 with full add-on support" ) Install it in your TQAE directory it looks for TQ.exe In your Titan Quest Anniversary Edition folder: Make a copy of the file ReShadePreset.ini or use the original one Rename it TQAE_GEP_1 or whatever you like, just to make sure you know what it is later Download this preset and copy its content in this file In Game: Uncheck 'Enable Gamma' in Video Settings Uncheck 'Color Grading' and 'Bloom' in Graphics Settings Put 'Texture', 'Shadow', 'Detail' and 'Reflection' to High Put 'Ambient Occlusion', 'Anti-aliasing' on Off (HBAO is worthless in this type of game view and we'll have a better AA solution) Optional but needed if you want a true Grim Dawn look: In General Settings, choose 'All Damage and Healing' in Combat Text ComboBox. Press "Home" or "Début" key of your keyboard and choose the preset. FEATURES: 1 - MXAO (qUINT_mxao.fx): Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (Ultra: 64 samples, not max: 255). 2 - AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS.fx): Not many settings but works great even on Nvidia graphics cards (tested on an RTX 3080). 3 - RadiantGI (RadiantGI.fx): Global Illumination with a lot of settings, (You can put samples=12 and Raylength=500 without problem). 4 - Vignette (Vignette.fx): Not really needed, just to darken a bit screen borders. 5 - MagicHDR (MagicHDR.fx): The Core of this preset. It uses 2 tonemappers to extract HDR information from the original image and also offers a configurable advanced Bloom and Bloom effect, which I did not adjust because it is basic and very good like that. Do not change the brightness in the game options. Prefer to decrease the Input Exposure and / or increase the Output Exposure. You can completely change the rendering by selecting different Tonemappers than Reinhard and Baking Lab ACES. You can give the game a movie rendering like Jason and the Argonauts or other games like Ghost of Tsushima for example, the possibilities are many. 6 - Normal_Filter_Anti_Aliasing (NFAA.fx): A very good quality non-invasive Anti Aliasing that has a large adjustment range. Grade it as low as possible so as not to destroy the details (max: 16) at the cost of a slight aliasing we keep as many details as possible, less or almost deactivated would be the best, i.e. 1 or 2 AA Power. You can also play with the Mask Adjustment. So, I enjoyed my playthrough with this preset and will play again in the future thanks to ReShade this game shine again in 2023. Please comment if you like and don't hesitate to leave your preset based on this one. Cheers !
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KeyPCGI_One@RadiantGI.fx=46,0,0,0 Techniques=MXAO@qUINT_mxao.fx,ContrastAdaptiveSharpen@CAS.fx,PCGI_One@RadiantGI.fx,Vignette@Vignette.fx,MagicHDR@MagicHDR.fx,Normal_Filter_Anti_Aliasing@NFAA.fx [CAS.fx] Contrast=1.000000 Sharpening=1.000000 [MagicHDR.fx] BlendingAmount=0.500000 BlendingBase=0.800000 BloomAmount=0.300000 BloomBrightness=3.000000 BloomSaturation=1.000000 BlurSize=0.500000 Exposure=1.199998 InputExposure=0.800000 InvTonemap=0 ShowBloom=0 Tonemap=5 _Credits=0 _Help=0 _WipWarn=0 [NFAA.fx] AA_Adjust=16 HFR_AA=0 HFR_Adjust=1.000000 Mask_Adjust=1.000000 View_Mode=0 [qUINT_mxao.fx] MXAO_BLEND_TYPE=1 MXAO_DEBUG_VIEW_ENABLE=0 MXAO_FADE_DEPTH_END=0.400000 MXAO_FADE_DEPTH_START=0.050000 MXAO_GLOBAL_RENDER_SCALE=1.000000 MXAO_GLOBAL_SAMPLE_QUALITY_PRESET=5 MXAO_SAMPLE_NORMAL_BIAS=0.200000 MXAO_SAMPLE_RADIUS=2.500000 MXAO_SSAO_AMOUNT=1.000000 [RadiantGI.fx] Blend=0 Debug=0 Deep_Scattering=0.100000 Depth_Map=0 Depth_Map_Adjust=7.500000 Depth_Map_Flip=0 Diffusion_Saturation_Power=0.250000,0.500000 D_Irradiance=0.532000 GI_Power=1.000000 GI_Ray_Length=250.000000 GI_Res=0.700000 GI_Saturation=1.000000 GI_Sky_Saturation=1.000000 HDR_BP=0.500000 IGN_Toggle=1 Internals=0.392157,0.098039,0.098039 Luma_Map=0.500000 NCD=1.000000,1.000000 Offset=0.000000 PCGI_2DTexture_Detail=0.500000,1.000000 PCGI_Fade=0.000000 PP_Options=0 PreprocessorDefinitions=MaxDepth_CutOff=0.8,Simple_Mode=1 RadiantGI=0 Reflectivness=1.000000,0.500000 samples=8.000000 SamplesXY=6 Scattering=1 Sky_Adustment=3 Sky_Emissive_Selection=3 SSS_Seek=0.250000 Target_Lighting=0.000000 Trim=0.500000 Wrap=0.500000 [Vignette.fx] Amount=-1.000000 Center=0.500000,0.500000 Radius=2.000000 Ratio=1.000000 Slope=2 Type=0


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