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dx11 v3 sharper, lights tweaked

Created by ninjafada
Added June 27, 2015
Updated 27 Jun 16:33 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
download and extract http://ninjafada.com/sweetfx/FFXIVARR/rshd-dx11-01.zip in X:\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game if you want to desactivate the deban shader: SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game\ReShade CustomFX_settings.cfg #define USE_DEBAND 0 remove FXAA in game and adjust in game gamma
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6 Jul 14:30 CEST

open the Reshade folder then edit Common_settings.cfg
#define RFX_ShowStatistics 0

6 Jul 08:52 CEST

thx ninja how do i turn of the FPS

4 Jul 20:39 CEST

i have an other config
still tweaking a lot because i just got a 970 so i can play in extreme now

you can test it http://ninjafada.com/sweetfx/FFXIVARR/SweetFX_settings.cfg

4 Jul 19:40 CEST

Okies, I got it working now. I don't think I have ever deliberately hit that key before. Good thing you told me where it was instead of just telling what key it was!

I hit it and it says framework enabled/disabled and I can tell the difference.


4 Jul 19:31 CEST

no it's the full package downloaded from reshade website , with the config edited so you only have to extract everything in the "game" folder
look at the dxgi.log file for errors
you said you have the loading and compiling message on screen so it's working
if you want you can contact my on skype pseudo ninjafada

4 Jul 19:13 CEST

I do run it in DX11 on the play button.

Do I need to run the ReShade 0.19.0 download first?

4 Jul 18:23 CEST

1st when you start the launcher you see the play button with directx 11 written on it ?

2nd you just have to extract the content of the zip in the game folder

3rd the toggle key is select the key between win right and ctrl right

4 Jul 18:15 CEST

Could it be because your preset file has no presets it in? It just has:

4 Jul 17:51 CEST

Update: I thought it might be because I installed you ReShade files before the actual download, but now it does nothing at all in game. When the game loads it shows everything loading. Looking at the ReShade file it mentions needing to know which API the game runs so that I can change a file name, but I have no idea what the game uses.

4 Jul 17:25 CEST

I just installed this and I am not sure if I did it right. i installed the ReShade download and pointed it to the game exe. I add your ReSahde part. I copied the SweetFX preset folder into the SweetFX folder and copied the preset file and changed it to use your preset. In game it shows that it is working and I can turn it on and off,but I don't see any difference like in your screenshots.

29 Jun 21:37 CEST

Nice work ninja, was waiting for someone to put one up for FFXIV and the new expansion. :D

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