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Assassin's Creed Syndicate DOF V0.1

Created by TsuchiyaLP
Added Nov. 29, 2015
Updated 24 May 19:12 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Whatz Up Guys !!(: Here is the Download Link to my Dropbox^-^ Download Link: http://adf.ly/1SWX1N Depth of Field V0.2 (only the MCFX is shown in the Settings text) just download it all from my link !(: Download Link V0.2: http://adf.ly/1aaHZX Magic DOF is activated but u can Change it to MCFLY or MATSO DOF i just choose Magic dof because its very Perfomance Friendly !(: Video Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eEVRx0CHsw P.S. ITS ONLY A TEST PRESET !!!
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////----------------// ///**DEPTHOFFIELD**/// //----------------//// #define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 1 //[DOF] //- //>Global Parameters<\\ #define DOF_METHOD 2 //[1:5] //-1: Ring DOF(Petka/martinsh) 2: Magic DOF 3: GP65CJ042 DOF 4: Matso DOF 5: Marty McFly Advanced DOF #define DOF_AUTOFOCUS 1 //[0:1] //-Enables automated focus recognition based on samples around autofocus center. #define DOF_FOCUSPOINT float2(0.5,0.6) //[0.0:1.0] //-X and Y coordinates of autofocus center. Axes start from upper left screen corner. #define DOF_FOCUSSAMPLES 10 //[3:10] //-Amount of samples around the focus point for smoother focal plane detection. #define DOF_FOCUSRADIUS 0.15 //[0.02:0.20] //-Radius of samples around the focus point. #define DOF_NEARBLURCURVE 0.59 //[0.50:1000.00] //-Curve of blur closer than focal plane. Higher means less blur. #define DOF_FARBLURCURVE 1.41 //[0.05:5.00] //-Curve of blur behind focal plane. Higher means less blur. #define DOF_MANUALFOCUSDEPTH 1.00 //[0.00:1.00] //-Depth of focal plane when autofocus is off. 0.0 means camera, 1.0 means infinite distance. #define DOF_INFINITEFOCUS 1.00 //[0.01:1.00] //-Distance at which depth is considered as infinite. 1.0 is standard. Low values only produce out of focus blur when focus object is very close to the camera. Recommended for gaming. #define DOF_BLURRADIUS 100.0 //[2.0:100.0] //-Maximal blur radius in pixels. //>Global Parameters<\\ #define DOF_RENDERRESMULT 1.0 //[0.5:1.0] //-Scaling factor #define DOF_ToggleKey RFX_ToggleKey //[undef] //- //>Ring DOF Settings<\\ #define iRingDOFSamples 20 //[5:30] //-Samples on the first ring. The other rings around have more samples #define iRingDOFRings 8 //[1:8] //-Ring count #define fRingDOFThreshold 1.5 //[0.5:3.0] //-Threshold for bokeh brightening. Above this value, everything gets much much brighter. 1.0 is maximum value for LDR games like GTASA, higher values work only on HDR games like Skyrim etc. #define fRingDOFGain 0.1 //[0.1:30.0] //-Amount of brightening for pixels brighter than threshold. #define fRingDOFBias 0.0 //[0.0:2.0] //-bokeh bias. #define fRingDOFFringe 0.0 //[0.0:1.0] //-Amount of chromatic abberation //>Magic DOF Settings<\\ #define iMagicDOFBlurQuality 30 //[1:30] //-Blur quality as control value over tap count. Quality 15 produces 721 taps, impossible with other DOF shaders by far, most they can do is about 150. #define fMagicDOFColorCurve 3.5 //[1.0:10.0] //-DOF weighting curve. //>GP65CJ042 DOF Settings<\\ #define iGPDOFQuality 6 //[0:7] //-0 = only slight gaussian farblur but no bokeh. 1-7 bokeh blur, higher means better quality of blur but less fps. #define bGPDOFPolygonalBokeh 1 //[0:1] //-Enables polygonal bokeh shape, e.g. POLYGON_NUM 5 means pentagonal bokeh shape. Setting this value to 0 results in circular bokeh shape. #define iGPDOFPolygonCount 5 //[3:9] //-Controls the amount pf polygons for polygonal bokeh shape. 3 = triangular, 4 = square, 5 = pentagonal etc. #define fGPDOFBias 3.4 //[0.0:20.0] //-Shifts bokeh weighting to bokeh shape edge. Set to 0 for even bright bokeh shapes, raise it for darker bokeh shapes in center and brighter on edge. #define fGPDOFBiasCurve 3.0 //[0.0:3.0] //-Power of Bokeh Bias. Raise for more defined bokeh outlining on bokeh shape edge. #define fGPDOFBrightnessThreshold 0.5 //[0.5:2.0] //-Threshold for bokeh brightening. Above this value, everything gets much much brighter. 1.0 is maximum value for LDR games like GTASA, higher values work only on HDR games like Skyrim etc. #define fGPDOFBrightnessMultiplier 2.0 //[0.0:2.0] //-Amount of brightening for pixels brighter than fGPDOFBrightnessThreshold. #define fGPDOFChromaAmount 0.15 //[0.00:0.40] //-Amount of color shifting applied on blurred areas. //>MATSO DOF Settings<\\ #define bMatsoDOFChromaEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables Chromatic Abberation. #define bMatsoDOFBokehEnable 1 //[0:1] //-Enables Bokeh weighting do define bright light spots and increase bokeh shape definiton. #define fMatsoDOFChromaPow 0.2 //[0.2:3.0] //-Amount of chromatic abberation color shifting. #define fMatsoDOFBokehCurve 8.0 //[0.5:20.0] //-Bokeh curve. #define fMatsoDOFBokehLight 0.012 //[0.000:2.000] //-Bokeh brightening factor. #define iMatsoDOFBokehQuality 10 //[1:10] //-Blur quality as control value over tap count. #define fMatsoDOFBokehAngle 0 //[0:360] //-Rotation angle of bokeh shape. //>MCFLY ADVANCED DOF Settings - SHAPE<\\ #define iADOF_ShapeQuality 80 //[1:255] //-Quality level of DOF shape. Higher means more offsets taken, cleaner shape but also less performance. Compilation time stays same. #define iADOF_ShapeVertices 6 //[3:8] //-Polygon count of bokeh shape. 4 = square, 5 = pentagon, 6 = hexagon and so on. #define bADOF_ShapeTextureEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables the use of a texture overlay. Quite some performance drop. #define iADOF_ShapeTextureSize 63 //[undef] //-Higher texture size means less performance. Higher quality integers better work with detailed shape textures. Uneven numbers recommended because even size textures have no center pixel. //>MCFLY ADVANCED DOF Settings - SHAPE MODIFICATIONS<\\ #define fADOF_ShapeRotation 15.0 //[0.0:360.0] //-Static rotation of bokeh shape. #define bADOF_RotAnimationEnable 1 //[0:1] //-Enables constant shape rotation in time. #define fADOF_RotAnimationSpeed 2.0 //[0.2:5.0] //-Speed of shape rotation. Negative numbers change direction. #define bADOF_ShapeCurvatureEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Bends edges of polygonal shape outwards (or inwards). Circular shape best with vertices > 7 #define fADOF_ShapeCurvatureAmount 0.3 //[0.0:1.0] //-Amount of edge bending. 1.0 results in circular shape. Values below 0 produce star-like shapes. #define bADOF_ShapeApertureEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables deformation of bokeh shape into swirl-like aperture. You will recognize it when you try it out. Best with big bokeh shapes. #define fADOF_ShapeApertureAmount 0.01 //[-0.05:0.05] //-Amount of deformation. Negative values mirror the effect. #define bADOF_ShapeAnamorphEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Lessens horizontal width of shape to simulate anamorphic bokeh shape seen in movies. #define fADOF_ShapeAnamorphRatio 0.2 //[0.0:1.0] //-Horizontal width factor. 1.0 means 100% width, 0.0 means 0% width (bokeh shape will be vertical line). #define bADOF_ShapeDistortEnable 1 //[0:1] //-Deforms bokeh shape at screen borders to simulate lens distortion. Bokeh shapes at screen egdes look like an egg. //>MCFLY ADVANCED DOF Settings - SHAPE MODIFICATIONS<\\ #define fADOF_ShapeDistortAmount 0.8 //[0.0:1.0] //-Amount of deformation. #define bADOF_ShapeDiffusionEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables some fuzzyness of bokeh shape, makes it less clearly defined. #define fADOF_ShapeDiffusionAmount 0.1 //[0.0:1.0] //-Amount of shape diffusion. High values look like the bokeh shape exploded. #define bADOF_ShapeWeightEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables bokeh shape weight bias and shifts color to the shape borders. #define fADOF_ShapeWeightCurve 4.0 //[0.5:8.0] //-Curve of shape weight bias. #define fADOF_ShapeWeightAmount 1.0 //[0.5:8.0] //-Amount of shape weight bias. #define fADOF_BokehCurve 1.0 //[1.0:20.0] //-Bokeh factor. Higher values produce more defined bokeh shapes for separated bright spots. //>MCFLY ADVANCED DOF Settings - CHROMATIC ABERRATION<\\ #define bADOF_ShapeChromaEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables chromatic aberration at bokeh shape borders. This means 3 times more samples = less performance. #define iADOF_ShapeChromaMode 4 //[1:6] //-Switches through the possible R G B shifts. #define fADOF_ShapeChromaAmount 0.125 //[0.000:0.500] //-Amount of color shifting. #define bADOF_ImageChromaEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables image chromatic aberration at screen corners. This one is way more complex than the shape chroma (and any other chroma on the web). #define iADOF_ImageChromaHues 5 //[2:20] //-Amount of samples through the light spectrum to get a smooth gradient. #define fADOF_ImageChromaCurve 4.0 //[0.5:2.0] //-Image chromatic aberration curve. Higher means less chroma at screen center areas. #define fADOF_ImageChromaAmount 3.00 //[0.25:10.00] //-Linearly increases image chromatic aberration amount. //>MCFLY ADVANCED DOF Settings - POSTFX<\\ #define fADOF_SmootheningAmount 2.0 //[0.5:2.0] //-Blur multiplicator of box blur after bokeh to smoothen shape. Box blur is better than gaussian. #define bADOF_ImageGrainEnable 0 //[0:1] //-Enables some fuzzyness in blurred areas. The more out of focus, the more grain. #define fADOF_ImageGrainCurve 1.0 //[0.5:5.0] //-Curve of Image Grain distribution. Higher values lessen grain at moderately blurred areas. #define fADOF_ImageGrainAmount 0.55 //[0.1:2.0] //-Linearly multiplies the amount of Image Grain applied. #define fADOF_ImageGrainScale 1.0 //[0.5:2.0] //-Grain texture scale. Low values produce more coarse Noise.


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