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Created by Nenad
Added Dec. 23, 2015
Updated 22 Jan 11:20 CET
Shader used: MasterEffect
Preset description:
Install: Download rar from my preset txt, (READ ME txt included) and extract all in x64 folder pick one preset from multiple folders and copy and replace in x64 folder Latest reshade+sweetfx+(version 0.19.2) masterfx reborn (version 1.1.205) - CINE presets - Presets for STLM 2 - CINEMATIC-ONLY FOR UBER RIGS(DOF)- _4 Presets - E3 COLORS video presets _2-Presets - FULL HD _3-Presets - NO MAN'S LAND variations rev1 _3-Presets - VANILLA almost 1-Preset - WITCHER 1 _1-Preset - STLM 2 _2-Presets all credit go to author of the mods (included in rar) Screenshots for STLM 2 (cold and warm -screenshots) http://imgur.com/a/Y5jgR Screenshots for Cine-witcher3 (screenshots from multiple presets) http://imgur.com/a/X1Ln6
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there is multiple presets (variations) and read me instructions inside zip CINEMATIC-ONLY FOR UBER RIGS(DOF) E3 COLORS video presets FULL HD NO MAN'S LAND variations rev1 VANILLA almost WITCHER 1 Each preset is suited for a different visual style. Don't use sharpen -(some presets is with sharpen-tested gamma is 1 or middle ) hope you like it Download links32 MB) https://mega.nz/#!HtolDDiS!xGG9kgtkcDn6zZYBFogXFkzxxzOuu3aS63inOliS3HE or https://jumbo.iskon.hr/dl/f00046bf-71dd-422e-b0cf-6ca337f78747 STLM 2 FX PRESETS Inside zip there are two presets for STLM2 -warm and cold Darker nights, no orange, grass is darker... (credit goes to Essenthy for his STLM2 mod) Megaupload https://mega.nz/#!m5QGWKxb!1Bp5M8Bl_Zqm9UJ5Q_xS5dutv0haVE36R_VffirK7w8 or https://jumbo.iskon.hr/dl/f16c080e-acf4-402f-9ff5-fed2622678e5 CINE -screenshots http://imgur.com/a/X1Ln6 STLM2- screenshots http://imgur.com/a/Y5jgR


4 Jan 09:44 CET

Updated presets with decrypt key
sorry guys

24 Dec 15:19 CET

need a proper link

24 Dec 11:32 CET

Gorgeous ! But in the link mega am asked a decryption key!

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