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Enhanced Graphics v1.2

Created by munmun
Added Jan. 28, 2016
Updated 5 Feb 03:40 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Reshade Framework 1.1.0 http://reshade.me/ Update v1.2 - Adjust color correction - Enhance sharpness v1.1 - Adjust color correction - Add SMAA How to download Click "Download preset". Open the text file. You can find the Mediafire link. Download "Enhanced Graphics v1.2.zip". Download "Reshade Framework 1.1.0" http://reshade.me/ Extract and copy Reshade folder, Reshade.fx, Reshade64.dll to the game directory(SteamApps\common\Rise of the Tomb Raider) Rename Reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll Extract "Enhanced Graphics v1.2.zip" and copy Reshade folder(from "Enhanced Graphics v1.2.zip") to the game directory. Overwrite all files.
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Latest Version v1.2 + Adaptive sharpen + SMAA http://www.mediafire.com/download/35zcmf4w4544c8y/Enhanced_graphics_v1.2.zip v1.2 + Adaptive sharpen http://www.mediafire.com/download/9cgyokah6425inv/Enhanced_graphics_v1.2_wo_SMAA.zip v1.2 + Luma sharpen + SMAA http://www.mediafire.com/download/3mqui2ki2p290zn/Enhanced_graphics_v1.2_ls.zip V1.2 + Luma sharpen http://www.mediafire.com/download/wgyrwa1dqfn2xjv/Enhanced_graphics_v1.2_ls_wo_SMAA.zip v1.2 color correction only (minimum performance hit) http://www.mediafire.com/download/9z4r14qp91fq2ia/Enhanced+graphics+v1.2+lut.zip Old Version v1.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/ho3h9jarypi8yih/Enhanced_graphics_v1.1.zip v1.0 http://www.mediafire.com/download/lg4y52vkal7qjzv/Rise_of_Tomb_Raider.zip


29 Jul 22:04 CEST

Doesn't work, don't waste your time people. Next time you post anything make sure it works and instructions on installation would be nice.

7 Jun 15:31 CEST

Every version of reshade is available here:

7 Jun 15:29 CEST

For those trying to download Reshade 1.1, here's the link:

14 Mar 00:02 CET

I can't get this preset to work :( The Reshade Framework 1.1.0 no longer exists on the official ReShade website. Now there's only ReShade 3.0.6 Is there any way you could update this?

31 Dec 13:04 CET

zoyekiwo must be retarded, expecting everyone to do everything for him. Like reshade is difficult to find even if the link wasn't there in the description like it is. You're worthless, genius.

18 Dec 13:52 CET

Where the f*ck should I get Framework 1.1.0 ?

All your work is worthless when you do not provide the necessary links, genius.

28 Nov 03:36 CET

really cool preset


18 Nov 16:06 CET

nvm I found the Repository although now my game crashes at startup with this preset.

18 Nov 07:03 CET

This doesn't work for me. Not only is the guide a bit confusing, but I can't find the Reshade Framework 1.1.0 version either.

16 Oct 20:54 CEST

Heey man, you have done a great job, great balance between lumasharpen and msaa, and it runs with no affetc on the framerate!!! Better than the in game AA settings

22 Mar 18:08 CET

I don't know how to toggle on and off the Reshade. Scroll Lock just doesn't work. Can anyone help me pls?

15 Feb 00:30 CET

EDIT: Found the answer to why SMAA doesnt look as good with luma sharpen.

Beware of SMAA with LS

Since SweetFX applies post-processing effects, everything will be sharpened, including other SweetFX effects. This is most apparent with the SweetFX SMAA (Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing) effect. LumaSharpen will sharpen the anti-aliased edges (that were smoothed out by SMAA) and make them appear jagged again. Thus, SMAA is negated. During testing, SMAA and LumaSharpen seemed to undo each other, so use one or the other instead of both. A balance might exist, but personal tests proved tedious in making this happen.

15 Feb 00:24 CET

Thanks for your preset, its by far the best! Quick question; does the Enhanced graphics v1.2 ls (LumaSharpen version) give better visuals? I have a lot of grunt and wanted the best antialising and visuals from your preset.

5 Feb 03:42 CET

I added LumaSharpen version and Color Correction Only version for better performance.

4 Feb 17:28 CET

even without smaa it takes too much fps

2 Feb 23:18 CET

Did you set default Sweetfx.cfg before applying "w/o SMAA"? Sweetfx.cfg provides SMAA. "w/o SMAA" doesn't have Sweetfx.cfg, but full version has it. If you have applied full version before, you need to set default Sweetfx.cfg to disable SMAA.

2 Feb 22:22 CET


Could it be my individual case that even w/o SMAA has the same performance drop as full version?
For me, "w/o SMAA" definitely applies anti-aliasing.

2 Feb 06:44 CET

I uploaded v1.2 w/o SMAA. It has an impact on performance the same as v1.0.

1 Feb 21:11 CET

the new 1.2 preset eats too many fps. Can you fix that? Using the previous one so long.

1 Feb 16:11 CET

Thank you soo much!

1 Feb 05:24 CET

I added SMAA.

31 Jan 21:04 CET

Is there a way to Inject SMAA with this preset?

30 Jan 10:11 CET

didn't work. Nothing change

29 Jan 08:58 CET

I think it takes a little bit of texture details outta snow and shadows.

29 Jan 01:19 CET


29 Jan 00:52 CET

@chocolatemoses: try exclusive fullscreen and restart the game.
To author: it is perfect!

28 Jan 23:49 CET

Didn't work... :/

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