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by Esha

~ REVENANT ReShade ~ v1.2

Preset for Dark Souls 3
Created by phroZac
Added April 12, 2016
Updated 8 Mar 13:52 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Using this preset at 1440p/max settings, I get a solid 60 fps with a GTX 1080 ti. The DOF and other fx will look jacked in the main menu, but in game it works fine. As always, ReShade DOF and AO can be a little buggy. *Tiltshift may look broken if you play at a resolution too far from 1440p or an aspect ratio other than 16:9. If that's you, just comment here and I'll tell you how to fix it. Effects used are: AdaptiveSharpen Liftgammagain Tonemap Vignette Filmgrain SMAA Border(not in Lite version) Tuningpalette Ambient Light Gaussian Anamflare Tiltshift FisheyeCA YACA DepthOfField(not in Lite version) Raymarch AO(not in Lite version) ***If using the regular version, make sure to turn off in-game DOF as you don't want both the game's DOF and ReShade's hogging resources at the same time.*** GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/77899987@N04/albums/72157667187845846/with/26212904210/ INSTALLATION: 1. Download REVENANT v1.2 at: Full version: https://mega.nz/#!IYdSxZCZ!L1qVuqhz_wYdaTY8dtW5B3UjrPzBv0Z_0kUJf2qzRbA Lite version NO BORDERS/DOF/AO: https://mega.nz/#!UJFXVb6T!7FTQxGKNGVdTqlWpLgUHYWV6UHAKm96pr9ZDXgBatJo 2. Extract the contents of the archive anywhere and then from inside the "~ REVENANT ~ Dark Souls III v1.2" folder, copy all files into your "DARK SOULS III" game folder(where DarkSoulsIII.exe lives)normally located at: ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III. That's it! When you start the game you should see the ReShade text pop up in the upper left. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: *Set brightness to 4 *Scroll Lock* toggles on/off the ReShade FX so you can see the difference
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GALLERY: https://www.flickr.com/photos/77899987@N04/albums/72157667187845846/with/26212904210/


29 Jun 01:06 CEST

Hey, phroZac I'm loving the reshade but my problem is that when I use it I cannot open my steam overlay. Please tell me how to fix this. Also, I have noticed that my HP /Souls bars are slightly blurred.

18 May 22:15 CEST

Hey Ambientecho - Yeah I noticed that myself. Not sure of any workaround for this...maybe try playing in windowed mode? I've tried all the resolutions DSR allows for my monitor, and only the standard ones seem to work. My 1080 ti can handle a little above 1440p at 60 fps, but alas, no AO or DOF. :(

16 May 16:05 CEST

Is there any way I can make ambient occlusion and dof work on a non standard resolution (Nvidia DSR) And by that I mean 1.50x 1080p for example, because 1440p dsr works fine although I'm dropping to low 50s on a gtx 1080 so I would like to experiment with lower resolutions.

21 Apr 21:20 CEST

@s1357924680 - You might have been looking in Shaders_by_Ganossa.cfg. I use the Border in Shaders_by_CeeJay.cfg. Set that one to zero. Fixed?

21 Apr 18:41 CEST

@phroZac it's 1440*810 in windowed mode, there's no border in original game

13 Apr 11:31 CEST

@s1357924680 - If Border is set to "0", it isn't ReShade's border you're seeing. What resolution are you playing at? If you're playing at 16:10 the game adds a border by default.

13 Apr 06:08 CEST

how can i disable the border? the value of DEFINE USE_BORDER is 0 already but i still see border in game

22 Dec 02:50 CET

@phroZac Huge cheers mate, looks absolutely perfect now, amazing work!

21 Dec 11:56 CET

@Mirah - My bad. Those are values to make my current personal version closer to the pic you posted.

Screw it. I'm just gonna upload a new version. V1.0 incoming.

21 Dec 11:52 CET

Hey Mirah, it works fine. Just ignore the warning. I've tweaked the preset slightly since that screenshot. Not all the screenshots are up to date I guess. To have cooler highlights make your LIFTGAMMAGAIN values in ...steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game\ReShade\Presets\Default\Shaders_by_CeeJay.cfg look like this:
#define RGB_Lift float3(0.990,1.010,1.010)
#define RGB_Gamma float3(0.980,1.040,1.000)
#define RGB_Gain float3(1.010, 1.010, 0.970)

It won't look exactly the same, that pic is likely several versions old, but it'll get you closer. Sorry about that. I'll update the pic to avoid confusion.

20 Dec 21:51 CET

http://imgur.com/a/rywaQ Here's a screenshot, you can see that it doesn't look quite right, it's missing that blue tint :/

20 Dec 20:53 CET

Really love how this SweetFX looks but when I use it I get an error:
DARK SOULS III\Game\ReShade.fx(14, 2):preprocessor warning: Could not find application profile, falling back to default

The SweetFX itself works, but it looks different in comparison to your pictures because it's missing something? Would love if you could help.

10 Nov 15:25 CET

@Cortlendt - That's weird. Should work now!

4 Nov 21:26 CET

Please re-upload. Link no longer works as of Nov 4.

18 May 06:42 CEST

@Ambientecho - I've been online since release, no problems.

17 May 23:18 CEST

@phroZac Yup works now, cheers! Also it's safe to use this while playing online right?

17 May 17:47 CEST

@Ambientecho - Link seems to work fine for me, but just in case, I reuploaded an entirely new update anyway! v0.7. Should have slightly better performance.

17 May 11:13 CEST

Can you reupload REVENANT v0.6? The link doesn't work :/

26 Apr 16:54 CEST

Thanks, Alex! I would totally adapt it if I owned DD and could test the preset out. I hear it's good, but there's only so many games I can play. You can apply the preset to DD yourself though! If you need any help with ReShade settings, feel free to send questions my way.

26 Apr 11:28 CEST

grim and dark. just I like. could you please adapt similar preset for Dragon's Dogma?

24 Apr 06:13 CEST

Thanks, JohnConnor! That means a lot coming from the future leader of the human resistance ;)

23 Apr 12:30 CEST

Wow! This preset is perfect. No crushed blacks, lots of subtle effects add up for a great look. STalking! Thx!

22 Apr 16:37 CEST

@le4o360 - I'll look into updating my ReShade version.

As for the lens effect, it can be disabled in a few ways. Open GemFX.cfg in notepad and find the section under AMBIENT LIGHT called //>Additional AL Settings<\\ then change the first value in either of these lines to 0 or 0.0 depending on which you use:

#define AL_Lens 1 //[0:1] //-Lens effect based on AL

#define alLensInt 0.5 //[0.0:10.0] //-Intensity of lens effect

22 Apr 14:37 CEST

And can you give me an advise, how to disable lens dirt effect (like on this screenshot):

22 Apr 14:34 CEST

Can you update your preset with newer Reshade version (2.0.3f1)?

19 Apr 16:46 CEST

@phroZac Looking forward to v0.4, thanks mate

17 Apr 05:38 CEST

@ImmortalScrub - Glad you like it! :)

Re: fps - With my gtx980ti I'm getting a very consistent 50+fps at max settings and 2650x1600 res. You could try lowering some of your graphical settings, but IMO, 45-50fps isn't bad at all.

17 Apr 01:25 CEST

@Ferdimage - Thanks! v0.4 is in the oven ;)

16 Apr 23:50 CEST

I love these colors, without a doubt my favourite!

Unfortunately my gtx970 can't handle it. In areas where I usually get solid 60fps I now get around 45-50.

Can anyone recommend how gtx970 users should tune the game settings and/or this preset so you get 60fps in most areas?

16 Apr 01:49 CEST

@phroZac Well done on the perfect tone for the game, this does give the game a better feel. v0.3 is the best version so far.

12 Apr 20:14 CEST

@kujazo - I doubt you'll be banned, but I can't be sure. I've been using ReShade presets now for almost a year on several games and haven't been banned yet. I think it may be an issue in eSports titles like SC2 or LoL though.

12 Apr 20:12 CEST

@Lightsoul - ReShade shouldn't be the cause for that as far as I know...hasn't happened for me. Does the game work fine without ReShade enabled?

12 Apr 17:23 CEST

One cuestion, somebody know if I apply sweetFX, i get banned online? :/

12 Apr 17:07 CEST

I have a massive problem. When i use any Reshade (yours ore other) the game crash instand when i hit a enemy. I have no Idea what the problem is????
Ps: sorry for my english

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