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Praise the Light- DOF file included

Preset for Dark Souls 3
Created by Nenad
Added April 20, 2016
Updated 22 Apr 09:32 CEST
Shader used: MasterEffect
Preset description:
I made this preset with the goal of mainly making the sky less yellow, to recreate a greyer contrasting atmosphere, more medieval. It could be even darker but I'm not torch guy... Added DOF-MasterEffect.h file 34kb (copy this file and replace the old one -where darksouls3 exe is) DOF SCREENSHOTS - First 1-4 see a corner of pics for afterburner counter FPS (DOWN FROM 6-10 FPS) (even better DOF will eat your FPS more) Unzip and Copy everything to dark souls 3 folder LINK WITHOUT DOF https://mega.nz/#!X0h12DBK!uTOrC96D9GFEo0SbEkLJ5SYMAHwST_oQXwr9iUT4K8g LINK WITH DOF -34kb file https://mega.nz/#!zgpjVKSA!9n6jiZdN2ZDhP47c6ht6nLcZopa3Jg4xnL8-ojFdn4Q
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LINK https://mega.nz/#!X0h12DBK!uTOrC96D9GFEo0SbEkLJ5SYMAHwST_oQXwr9iUT4K8g LINK WITH DOF-34kb file https://mega.nz/#!zgpjVKSA!9n6jiZdN2ZDhP47c6ht6nLcZopa3Jg4xnL8-ojFdn4Q


25 Apr 09:28 CEST

CA is not enabled in any of preset file,
maybe you are thinking of Exposure

open master.h file with notepad

(find Tonemap setting)

#define Exposure 0.020 //[-1.000 to 1.000] Adjust exposure

-put 0.000
and save with administrator rights.

or under LIGHTNING
#define USE_BLOOM 1
set it to 0

I hope it helps.

24 Apr 05:31 CEST

How do we edit the Chromatic Aberration?
Incredible preset btw, great job.

22 Apr 12:38 CEST

No problem,
let me know what you think of it.

22 Apr 10:05 CEST

Thanks Mate!

22 Apr 10:05 CEST

Thanks Mate!

22 Apr 09:33 CEST

added DOF file only

21 Apr 13:44 CEST

To phobia7; sorry to her that, have you copy all files fom zip?

21 Apr 13:41 CEST

To Ferdimage; Glad you like it
Dof is to much FPS drop heavy, from 60 to 40 fps, never mind what system, i can upload it tommorow so you can try it,(only master fx file)

21 Apr 00:45 CEST

@Nenad have you messed around with DOF? Are you able to create one with DOF?

Thanks again

21 Apr 00:45 CEST

@Nenad have you messed around with DOF? Are you able to create one with DOF?

Thanks again

21 Apr 00:43 CEST

Working fine here, love the look of this preset, AO performance is great too.

Thank you

20 Apr 19:24 CEST

crash on startup....

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