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Preset for Dark Souls
Created by GayAutisticSister
Added Dec. 10, 2016
Updated 10 Dec 09:18 CET
Shader used: GemFX
Preset description:
Download GemFX from here: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?672483-A-R2-TW-GEMFX-Version-1-0-9 ______________________________________________________________________________ Once installed in your dark souls "DATA" folder navigate to "\GEMFX\Presets\current" and replace the one in there with this preset: https://www.mediafire.com/?tszkugjfzlkklan ______________________________________________________________________________ That should be about it, feel free to customize the looks using the GemFX configurator also present in the DATA folder, everything is pretty self-explanatory. ______________________________________________________________________________ The lightning and overall color scheme in DS1 can be very erratic and so i was unable to come up with something that provided a significant improvement for every area using GemFX. Basically, don't expect every area to look as good as firelink. Not happy at all with how this one turned out but since i no longer have time to work on it i'm uploading regardless.
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10 Dec 20:01 CET

Thanks, GayAutisticSister!

10 Dec 18:19 CET

Also yes but the full version of GemFX has more shaders.

10 Dec 18:16 CET

There should be an application called "GEMFX_Configurator.exe" on your DATA folder after installing GemFX, once you open that up just tick the options for the shaders you want and play around with the respective sliders on the other tabs. Make sure you also click on the "Save Configuration" button after you're done tweaking.

10 Dec 18:11 CET

Btw, is GemFX basically the same as the GEM.fx shader suite in ReShade 2.0?

10 Dec 18:00 CET

Looks really good, actualy. How would I customize the settings?

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