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Preset for For Honor
Created by phroZac
Added Feb. 14, 2017
Updated 23 Apr 10:42 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
The goal of this preset is to add a little extra cinematic flair to For Honor(think Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Game of Thrones). The game is well optimized and runs smoothly for me at 2560x1440 max settings on a GTX 980 ti. 1440p Benchmarks preset off = 56 fps average preset on = 46 fps average SHADERS: ●YACA (the benefit of this is that it tones down the always-on Chromatic Aberration) ●Tuningpalette ●Ambient Light ●Gaussian Anamflare ●Tiltshift ●AdaptiveSharpen ●LiftGammaGain ●Tonemap ●Curves ●Vibrance ●Vignette ●Filmgrain The below are included in the FULL version: ●DepthOfField (A little buggy, but works pretty well if you use minimal or no HUD. Subtle, toned-down from earlier versions) ●Border ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRESET LINKS: LITE: https://mega.nz/#!AAMgkJgb!9tCuH7BCtAaWnzXHrjCyNlkGVfn1RNXLlL0gQnEVvD8 FULL: https://mega.nz/#!0Etn0b5a!IFBOdkYaeoyWiCPDjATodWQnYGcVblV6aH_Yd5GWh1g INSTALLATION: 1. Download your version of ~ ARMORED CINE FX ~ v04 from the above links.^^ 2. Extract the contents of the archive anywhere and then from inside the "ARMORED CINE FX v05" folder, copy all files into your "For Honor" game folder(where forhonor.exe lives)normally located at: ...SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\For Honor. That's it! When you start the game you should see the ReShade text pop up in the upper left. Ignore the yellow warning. >>Scroll Lock<< toggles on/off ReShade so you can see the preset effects.
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LITE: https://mega.nz/#!AAMgkJgb!9tCuH7BCtAaWnzXHrjCyNlkGVfn1RNXLlL0gQnEVvD8


30 Jun 00:12 CEST

Thanks, Soul! Haha, super belated reply. Been meaning to get back to this game for a long time. I'm actually surprised it's still as active as it is.

8 Nov 01:48 CET

Thank you for the answer! Your presets really have gave a new life to many games for me and risen the visual standard that I think game developers could have lot to learn. I have SOMA installed, but haven't started the game and I'm sure even unfinished SOMA preset would add to the experience. Anyway thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work! :)

25 Oct 20:06 CEST

@Soul - sorry for the late reply. I just reinstalled For Honor and saw your comment. I'll check on my SOMA preset. It should still be around because I was planning on playing it again. No promises though ;)

21 Sep 15:00 CEST

Looks amazing! Any chance of putting that SOMA-preset online? :)

23 Apr 10:40 CEST

Sorry, Soul. I must have deleted it :I Link restored!

20 Apr 12:08 CEST

Looks amazing! Link is dead though, any chance for re-up? :)

15 Mar 03:26 CET

I have to assume you're messaging me. Stop involving me in your drama Eva. You're being a paranoid delusional and an annoying child. Stop flinging around false accusations and deal with your issues.

11 Mar 07:39 CET

man I don`t said nothing and I write in your wall, so don`t worry , but I said u man many times to stop to spam, really if u continue, I do the same what u do, in your wall, so if finish totally to write ok , but if u write in my wall only other time i do the same sorry. Is my last warning.

11 Mar 02:27 CET

I feel bad for what I started over there lol. But he's pretty funny in a lame way. SUPER paranoid.

6 Mar 21:31 CET

Thanks, and sorry for the late reply! I was testing the DOF, then got sidetracked with Horizon Zero Dawn, haha. Full version with DOF will be up soon. Not recommended for PVP. It's just for singlepayer and cinematic screenies.

1 Mar 17:37 CET

OOOOooo, v05 is perfect! Very nice color grading. It's like playing a AAA movie :D Any idea when you'll upload the full version? I don't know how to turn those other effects on, or I'd do it myself.

22 Feb 17:56 CET

EVA002 - v0.4 is probably the last, but I might put out a v0.5. No promises ;) Glad you like it.

22 Feb 13:41 CET

"The darksoul "more fast please ;)

19 Feb 16:53 CET

Sorry, I am an idiot. Uploaded v0.4 Lite again. :D

19 Feb 14:44 CET

This Version 0.4 does not exist. I downloaded this after the folder is empty

19 Feb 01:26 CET

Hi! v0.4 is just my personal PVP preset. It adds filmgrain and borders to the LITE version. The borders don't obstruct anything during gameplay.

17 Feb 09:41 CET

Thank you guys. Sorry for trouble. Preset is amazing ^^. Im going to check LITE right away. Cuz DOF is disturbing aswell ^^.

17 Feb 01:47 CET

Oh yes!!! Benchmark test with filmgrain ist 53.03 Fps Minimum. Its great and this makes a very good Cineastic look:) Thanks very much. This makes the Game fun!

17 Feb 01:40 CET

thanks but in my reshade . There i found a paradise of settings. Insane :) i Try

16 Feb 23:14 CET

Saschalauber - Oh, and the difference between .2 and .3 is just fine-tuning of certain effects, disabling LiftGammaGain and Tiltshift, and adding Curves.

Thanks, JC!

16 Feb 23:08 CET

Saschalauber - Thanks, man! No border in the LITE version. If you want to add Filmgrain open >>Shaders_by_CeeJay.cfg<< usually located here: ...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\For Honor\ReShade\Presets\Default

...change the "0" to a "1", save and close.

#define USE_FILMGRAIN 0 <-(Change this to a 1)

16 Feb 23:01 CET

Actually, LITE has YACA, Anamflare, and Vignette, so some film effects, but no borders. ;)

16 Feb 22:58 CET

xcashux - The LITE version doesn't have borders, only color grading, no other film effects.

16 Feb 22:51 CET

Wow! This is really cinematic. Beautiful work as always man :)

16 Feb 22:13 CET

Hello, very good work. Con Cratulation! can i ask you something: I like the lite version..but the border is nor so good maybe i m decite for the lite version. can you make a upgrade with a version with filmgrain in the lite version? another whats the diferent of the Version 0.2 form yesterday to the Version 0.3 upodate? I downloadet this Reshade yesterday. Sorry my english is horrible:)

16 Feb 21:43 CET

I love this preset but Please do one more without "borders". I hate them ^^

16 Feb 20:37 CET

D'oh! Fixed. Thanks for the heads up :)

16 Feb 20:31 CET

hey the link to the full version isn't working at the moment

16 Feb 03:48 CET

I'm glad you like it! :)

This is ReShade 2. Last time I checked, ReShade 3 was missing a lot of the shaders I use. I'm probably going to upload v0.3 tomorrow morning.

16 Feb 03:18 CET

Hey phroZac,

I like .1 version and can't wait to try out version 2 with the depth of field.

Question: What version of Reshade is this using? Is it SweetFx2.0 or Reshade 3.6?


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