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_[Natural Vision]_auto DOF & real light

Created by Killville
Added March 25, 2017
Updated 23 Nov 01:21 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
This is a complete overhaul of the game, inspired by real Bolivia photography. I suppressed the yellowish shade, to make the light more realistic. I added a light auto DOF, which makes the distant landscape more credible. Just copy all the files and folders in the zip to the install location of the game. https://mega.nz/#!86ZmSSaI!CDwt3zJ7UrB6EjdRuk0qqumPJAyjB6yUU2cfOOKgZJ8 What's new in v2: Better reflections on all surfaces, shadows are more realistic as well as ambient light, the nights are darker but not completely because the game is always with the full moon (So to be realistic I did not make the night completely black), I also change the blue color that I found a little too much intense in the v1. I hope you enjoy this version, however I must warn you that the v2 is more resource intensive, you will need a very good computer. Have fun! NB: For very high reflections: go to your folder document>My Games>Ghost Recon Wildlands> open GRW.ini with notepad or similar and check that this setting is like this ReflectionQuality=3
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27 Nov 22:46 CET


when i did these screenshots i was on an old replacement screen because mine was back guarantee.


Thank you, i appreciate your comment :)

27 Nov 07:56 CET

This is actually pretty good. Good job. :-)

10 Nov 11:52 CET

I just came back to redownload, but looking at the ss's of your resolution monitor,

how did you get 1680 x 1050 ? That's wierd res, is there a way to make custom res? Help me :)

14 May 17:08 CEST

@Killville Thanks for your help! It works :). And no worries mate, it's your right being on vacation/holiday.

9 May 03:04 CEST

@Concept Thank you for the nice comment. For reduce DOF go to folder Reshade>McFX.cfg and line DOF_FARBLURCURVE x.xx increase this parameter. For blue tint go to folder Reshade>SweetFX.cfg parameter Sepia settings #define ColorTone red.green.blue, last is blue lowered this one, currently is 1.35, lower at your convenience. And sorry to answer so late, but i was on vacation ;)

1 May 01:00 CEST

Great work mate! Could you help me find the lines in the setting to reduce the strenght of DOF and to reduce a bit of the blue tint, please..? That would be great. Thx in advance!

6 Apr 14:32 CEST

Thanks, delighted that you like it.

5 Apr 14:33 CEST

This looks legit AF! Amazing job. Kinda jelly. haha.

26 Mar 20:24 CEST

The setting with YACA softened the image, and gives a slightly green tint,it is like chromatic aberration but better. Your welcome.

26 Mar 11:30 CEST

and thanks for reply and sharing this

26 Mar 11:29 CEST

I have yet to try this preset, I'll have to get around to it today, but from the looks of it, I do have a question. I noticed in your ss's [aside from obvious smaa] what is that other thing that seems to help with AA and less shimmering of tress and grass. Is that Ca ? or is that the yaka, it also makes the text blend off but I'm fine with that if it makes the grass/tress less shimemring when moving

25 Mar 18:41 CET

Several comparison of screenshots to come

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