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American REZolution AC II Legacy FX

Created by ProdigalXOnion
Added June 21, 2017
Updated 22 Jun 13:20 CEST
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
Preset that adds resolution and has lighting similar to AC II. Wasn't going to upload this, but decided wt crap why not. Not sure why, but screenshots look dark. Doesn't look like that in game. If for whatever reason, the preset looks abnormally dark on your screen, just raise the brightness one level or two in your in game graphics options. ****************************** Installacion: Unzip the file from the link below anywhere you'd like on your C: drive, preferrably in My Games, try avoiding Program Files of any sort as I believe I've heard that can cause problems with ReShade 2.0. Once unzipped, run the ReShade Assassitant.exe as Administrator found within the folder. Use a guide to install it for AC III properly like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O65hjplP2mM *Important* Make sure you use the right dll option for the Direct X version AC III uses. I believe it's the d3d9 option but I am unsure. Once you have installed it, go to AC III SP in the ReShade Assistant manager, select "AC III AC II Style" option, then save. Then go back to the window with all the preset options you were in before, click the + sign on top to add a new preset, name it whatever you want that you can remember what it is, enter that preset by double clicking on it, and save again. Everything should work now, if not, post in the comments. Peace mf
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Download @ link https://mega.nz/#!keIBCZ4J!oTfoqnJ_GcXy3BZs3R3D8x5JE4w6N1D8VpO4YmJqn9k


23 Jun 10:03 CEST

No I didn't say it wasn't dark, I didn't try this out. I'm saying that since your monitor's brightness is probably high from the get go, you made this preset looking through your monitor, whereas the game doesn't actually look the same as what you're seeing, as the monitor changes it up before you get to see the picture. The screenshots show the actual look of the game, and it's dark alright. People would probably go around this by increasing the ingame brightness and gamma, you should include this tip in the description. :)

22 Jun 13:17 CEST

Ah, well that's likely a factor, I do have high contrast and HDR settings enabled on my screen.

What's funny though, even when I enlarge the image and press f11 so there's nothing on the screen but the image itself, the shots still appear darker than when I open them from my desktop, or play in-game.

Good to hear they're not showing up like that on other people's screens, though!

Thanks for letting me know!

21 Jun 16:14 CEST

It's dark cause your monitor's brightness is probably high.

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