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=Enhanced Shaders Collection=

Preset for HITMAN™ 2015
Created by l00
Added June 24, 2017
Updated 24 Jun 18:59 CEST
Shader used: Other
Preset description:
ENHANCED SHADERS COLLECTION is an All-In-One built-in collection of 5 different looks for HITMAN2015: - Natural Lighting: to enhance the visual quality of the game without denaturing it. - 80's B.Movie: to reproduce the 80's movie feel using Kodak 5247 films on 35mm. - 50's FilmStock: the same as 80's but for 3 stripes films from the 50's - Action BlockBuster: to reproduce the Orange Teal colorgrading (over)used in recent action movies. - LO-FI: modified version of the Instagram filter for those who love grit looks. - BloodMoney: When only blood matters. This built-in presets are made from a modified version of ReShade framework dll and use custom shaders and a personal setup which require to be used with an dx10/11/12 renderer to work. For less than 2Mo and without any real performance loss you can instantly switch to any look you want at any time while keeping the base improvement on lighting and materials the base preset and its shaders can offer. INSTALLATION: - Download the preset from here to recover the URL and download the archive (1.6Mo from MediaFire) - Extract the content from the "SFX Collection - HITMAN2015" folder into the "Hitman™\Retail" folder, where the game's exe should be. How to use: Simply open the ReShade.fx file with notepad or similar and change the #define Preset at the top of the file to the preset number you want to use. Please do not redistribute this preset, its files and its configuration. I'll try to add more screenshots during my game progression.
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