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Cel Shading Enhancer

Created by Myashi
Added Feb. 8, 2018
Updated 8 Feb 01:34 CET
Shader used: ReShade
Preset description:
INTRODUCTION Playing Dragon Ball Fighter Z, I have not felt the need to tweak a lot of things... at first. During the week I spent on it, I had lot of fun experimentig new stuff and fixing others. The result is a slightly enhancement of colors, brighness and contrast. The outcome feels like a glorious 80's anime remastered. To do this, I made a custom LUT using Photoshop and the Ganossa Tuning Palette filter. SHORT DESCRIPTION -> Details enhanced -> Slight enhancement of brightness and contrast -> Performance friendly even in 4K I made it on my tastes, i hope you like it =) DOWNLOAD Link -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/bp7ekjbbk9pp9c1/DBFZ_Cel_Shading_Enhancer.zip INSTALLATION - Download the rar archive, open it and choose between 4K Optimized or 1080p optimized. - Extract the content of the chosen version here: Steam\steamapps\common\DRAGON BALL FighterZ\RED\Binaries\Win64 - That's it! Launch the game and have fun =) DETAILS & INSTRUCTIONS * The preset is meant to work both at 1080p and 4K. * At 4K keep the in-game AA, set to the max. The 4K Optimized version, has by default the ReShade's AA set off and the LumaSharpen filter reduced. * At 1080p this preset should be used with BOTH GAME AND RESHADE ANTIALIAS ON, otherwise you still have jaggered edges. * If you don't get the same look of mine, consider to lower the brightness and set the contrast of your monitor. * It works like a charm on win 10. * Keep update your gpu always with latest drivers. * I didn't have problems with monitoring software like, msi afterburner, evga precision and such. If you do, turn off this soft ( included steam overlay ), before launching the game. Is not a fix but just a way to prevent crashes on startup. * IF YOU DON'T SEE the ReShade's messege (wich means ReShade is not working), try to reinstall it and reboot your pc. PERFORMANCE The game is not much demanding. It runs fine maxed out on my 5820k processor, paired with 16 gb of ram and the GTX 1060 HOF. I have no fps loss, except form some occations during the loading. Those who have 3 or 4 gb cards, might want to try to lower graphic settings (I don't know to be honest). INFO * This preset is made on the older ReShade 2.0 build. I tried with no luck, to run the game on three different 3.0 builds. This works good =)
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